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I just received the rosewater and the seal was broken it smells like old water. The mascara fibre lashes are horrible the flakes get in your eyes the bb cream is horrible it doesn't cover or go on nice I spent $74.00 on the so called miracle serum it is like olive oil which maybe would have worked better, I bought this stuff from my niece who flipped out at me for being honest with her, she sent me emails using swear words because I didn't like it. I'm done I'll just throw it in the garbage because if I make a case out of it her family will stop talking to me I'm sure she will stop selling it once she's figured out its garbage I'm sure that the stuff that they get as a representative isn't the same as what they sell to the customer or what is sent to the customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Mascara.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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This business sells to ppl who are reps. The reps are the biggest consumers in terms of dollar amount towards these products. The money being made by the reps on the other hand selling to actual costumers from what I can see is low.


All the people posting on this mad because theyre pro Younique & are clearly the stalkers that work for the company


Younique is not even close to going out of business lmao

They sell millions of units per day-- so obviously the product is great!

Ya'll sound like a bunch of whinny babies!!!


Oh u must be one of the broads that stalk people to buy ur C*R*A*P makeup...selfie *** lol ...I'll whine to anyone on here who will listen...save ur hard earned money ladies...MAC is way better



Couldn't say it better myself! Overpriced JUNK!!


People only buy your bs products so you'll quit harassing the *** out of them, just an FYI


They sell to people uneducated about the use and application of a professional product! You can not get the correct color of anything by taking a picture with no make up in the sunlight just like it is impossible to correctly colormatch anybody without trying the product on the skin!!

Common sence! If you think this company is making so much money you are absolutely mistaken, and you know it!! That's why younique has such terrible reviews and angry customers dummy!

I have a sister and a friend th that sells this mess but that doesn't mean they like it!! Before you start calling people crybabies try and become a more educated consumer honey!!!!!


If you had issues with the product like you claimed, send it back and they will refund you... Everyone with half a brain knows that BB cream doesn't have full coverage.

You got the fibers in your eyes likely because you didn't apply it properly (applied fibers too close to lash line or not enough gel after applying fibers)

Independent sales reps get the EXACT same product as customers as they buy it for themselves! Lol

It's funny how this company sells out of nearly all their products and you're one of the very small percentage who doesn't like anything.

You sound like you're just a miserable person who likely doesn't even like herself!


That's funny 99% of Younique presenters try to peddle the bb cream in place of the out of stock "full coverage" foundation. Most presenters must only have half a brain! The stuff is ***!


I've never had any issues with the products.

Bb cream is just a tinted moisturizer so it's not full coverage like the foundation.

When you used the mascara did you do it in 3 steps? If you don't seal the fibers with the transplanting gel the fibers will fall bc it hasn't been sealed. I can give you detailed instruction if you'd like. I've never had a complaint.

I would love to help you out and get your money back or get you different products.

Email me tokki013@gmail.com

So I can help you. Sorry you had a bad experience.


Younique has a Love It or Money Back Guarantee... and I've never had any problems with it...but your niece is wrong for swearing at you.


And If Your not happy with The products why don't you send them back and get a full refund?


I totally agree, the makeup is not good..no matter what these sales people say don't believe the hype..they will say anything to sell this stuff...they get free incentives to push levels, trips etc...it's ridiculous...then they bombard FB with post after post ugh hope Younique goes out of business because they are a passing fad

Tip- Save your money ladies!!!




The make up is very good, it is just not good for all skin types - no one product is.

I am a Presenter. I am one of the first 7000 Presenters with the company.

If people are saying "anything to sell this stuff" then they are the ones you should have a gripe with. The company has high standards and morals. Don't hate the company or products - hate the people that you've encountered.

Or learn how to use the products properly and how to choose the right products for your skin type.


I've used the 3d mascara, correctly mind you, and ended up with almost no lashes when i GENTLY removed it. No pulling or harsh soaps, eye makeup removerfor sensitve skin.

Worst product ever.

I even gave it more tgan 1 chance as i thought it was a fluke but no. My "drug store" mascara gives me same look without breaking off my lashes for a fraction of the cost.

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