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I became a presenter to get the kit based on the original mascara was great! The Touch liquid foundation was also.

When they changed the formula of the mascara, I had some customers who fell in love with the old formula. The new formula is awful! When the foundations went viral due to the videos, they went out of stock. When they finally came back, the foundation was different!

It did NOT cover like the original, was thinner and took more to cover. The nice fragrance was gone too. I ordered the sunless tanner and it streaked terribly, inconveniently while I was on vacation! I have used sunless tanners for years!

The liquid eyeliner is a joke and washes right off with running water! Not need to even wipe it off!

I could not continue to represent this especially with the prices they charge! There are some great products that Younique has, but when will they change?

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I agree with you in regards to the mascara, I loved the old formula and do not care for the new formula. I also agree about the liquid foundation, it is not lasting as long as it did before it went out of stock.


Hi, I'm sorry you are not having any luck with the products, especially as a presenter I would have hoped your upline would have helped you with these issues. With the touch foundation you really have to shake the bottle before use.

I think the problem is due to them running out of foundation they over stocked so the product is sitting for longer than before. Be sure to empty the dropper and shake before use. Also try using the new liquid foundation brush because this allows for a more even coverage (while still only using a few small drops of the product). The sunless tanner is extremely pigmented and it's important to remember that it is build-able meaning you should only use small amounts in a small area to prevent streaking.

Most other sunless tanners are easier to spread, but with Younique's you really need to be careful that you are blending while applying or it can streak. Also, you will need to ensure that your skin is fully moisturized. The liquid liner can be difficult to work with. Always store upside down and allow it to dry fully.

You may want to also try an eye primer to help it "stick". I can help you more with your specific issues if you want to find me on facebook or message me through


How long were you a presenter? Did they just recently change?


I was a presenter about a year. The mascara changed with the new formula. The foundations changed after they were out of stock for 4 months!!!

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