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Presenters keep selling... If you don't sell 130 a month each and every month your account will be closed.....

Sell,sell,sell... Find more people, push your costumers be happy sell,sell,sell.. There are goals, one that don't fit you rocket book if you don't have 130 hanging around to keep your account open.... Sell, sell, sell, keep trying....

So I'm broke and I lost my customers, bad products, over price, no returns.... That's why I can't kick *** and sell... Word of mouth all bad about Younique.

I'm to up sail bad ***, and try harder... In other words I have to bs and stand beside Younique..

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It's $130 every 3 months - not each month. Lord knows there have been a month or two I didn't sell that (I'm really more of a hobbyist than a hard-core presenter) and I'm still active.

I've also always got replacements and exchanges with no problems. My upline/sponsor has always been responsive when I've had questions at any point.

But, like I said, I really just casually post and if someone buys, great..if not, no sweat off my back. I've never been pressured to sell, sell, sell...


Totally not at all how I’ve found it. Sell $120 every 3 months to keep your account active.

Support at the best support I’ve ever encountered and returned, exchanged and replaced things if I’ve needed them to. I read things like this and wonder how on earth you have managed to have such a different experience?!


$125, $130 what's the difference? If you are not constantly recruiting, it's sell, sell, sell and most Presenters end up buying to stay active.


I think you got the wrong information. It's not $130 a month. Read your back office.

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