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This is the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. I am new to Younique and was convinced to try their products by my daughter who is a presenter.

I have been a dedicated user of meaningful beauty products for five plus years. On the advice of my daughter I was advised to buy the presenters kit that came out September 15, 2016 and included their new royalty line in hopes that I would be a new customer. I was going to try the samples the morning after I received my shipment which was September 19,2016. On the morning of September 20 I went to try the products and the tubes were empty.

I called customer service and spoke to Morgan and she informed me that the tubes only contain a drop and was no help at all except to say sorry for your disappointment. I then ask to speak with a supervisor and was connected to Hillary and got nowhere with her either. I explained to them both that I was a meaningful beauty user but was considering switching and that made no difference. I was not expecting a refund I was just asking to be sent some more samples so I could try the products and neither one cared.

Hillary then informed me I would need to take a video of me squeezing the products so they could see if they were empty. I was extremely irate at being a new customer and feeling like I was being called a liar. I would have expected them to say give us another chance and let us make this right they were samples for crying out loud.

I guess my $165.00 dollars purchase was not significant enough to matter, but my daughter had also convinced my niece and my friend to give Younique a try and now they won't be getting their business not to mention I came to work today and told all my coworkers about my negative experience. I am extremely disappointed in not being able to support my daughter as a presenter and will keep giving my money to meaningful beauty and covergirl.

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Customer Care.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I'm sorry to hear about your bad experience with customer service. As their customer service is limited to corporate rules regarding resolution of issues, that does not apply to presenters and we can sometimes offer you better resolution options.

Please reach out to me for more information. I'm on facebook (Danielle Vales) or my younique site (


From what I have seen by these responses, I won't be using Younique either. What rude people they employ.


How did you pay $165 for a $99 + tax & shipping kit? You're right.

You're totally free to use whatever you prefer, and if that means you're okay with using products from companies that test on animals or that uses harmful chemicals, because that's less offensive to you than a bad phone call or a mispick, then you go, girl. Priorities are up to you. Did your daughter, who I assume was who you bought the kit from, which also makes her your "sponsor" discuss this with her upline first?? If she's lower than a Pink Status, then she's not a leader and that's what the leaders are for.

Guidance. Why? Because they have experience. They have knowledge.

They've been doing it and it's been working. Utilize them! Don't park and bark. Customer service in every company has "those people." Same as our society.

Blaming all for one went out the door a long time ago. That method isn't working.


You're a terrible person. Younique should be ashamed of someone like you trying to represent them!


THIS THIS RIGHT HERE is a fine example of the "wonderful'' people of Younique rude, a bully and unhelpful. Ladies and gentlemen this is what you get when you go to Younique!!!

Most of them are like this.

They are all brainwashed and very obsessive over their products. Must be all the chemicals in the makeup messing with them :)


The stuff in the kit is only a sample to use one time.. Those of us in the company that went to convention got the same samples..

And how rude of you to ruin your daughters business.

what kind of mom are you? Sorry you are that made over something that is a sample.


Maybe she isn't ruining her daughter's business but saving her daughter from spending a lot of money on stock as so many presenters do to grow their business. Younique quality has gone down a lot in the last year, and their quality control for products leaves a lot to be desired.

Why rag on a mom because she is not happy with the produce and question her mothering. What kind of mom would she be if she falsely supported her daughter knowing the products were not up to par???


I was involved with this company. Their products were awful.

I tried to sell it for a year. The only thing useful was the eyeliners. The foundation was like water, the eyeshadows had hardly any pigment unless you used them with water, and the mascara. Don't get me started.

I never even introduced that as a selling point. Spider lashes? No thanks. I did TRY to work with upline, but most of those people are clueless as well.

It's very sad how cult like these people are who get on here and chastise those who say anything negative about the company.

It's as if they peruse the web, and when anything negative is said, they rush to defend it. Oh well, to each her own I suppose.


Voicing her concerns is not ruining her daugthers' business. I am in shock at how Quality Customer Service is going down the toilet.

Even when I ordered a product, I was disappointed in the mascara and the pressed powder.

However, liked the eyeshadow. Do agree the items cost WAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much.