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Incredibly poor experience with a Younique consultant. I asked a question, the next thing I was attacked on messenger accusing me of trying to cause problems.

I believe as a potential customer I have the right to know if a product is genuinly cruelty free/vegan, and contains no animal products at all. Reason for asking I am yet to see the products supported by any of the cruelty free institutions or the vegan society.

Wow, was I attacked and it became incredibly personal. Warning do not buy Younique products if you also are looking for solid customer service. I'll stick with verified cruelty free products.

Seems they do not take sustainability or environmental responsibility seriously. They say it's all about building women up...

that's a facade, make sure you only ask questions they are comfortable answering. Very very poor experience.

Product or Service Mentioned: Younique Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I had the same experience. 2 potential customers, both vegans, wanted answers I could not provide so I went to customer support.

They were totally useless. Kept parroting a vague company line, despite my asking for more detailed answers. Cannot decide whether they can't be bothered to check if individual ingredients are tested on animals or if they know very well that they are and are avoiding the issue!! Either way they cannot claim to be cruelty-free and they have zero certification from any vegan organization.

In the end I formed 6 specific numbered questions and asked for 6 specific answers. Did I get them? No! Was referred upwards to the 'products department' who produced the same waffle and baloney as I had been given before.

Furthermore, having decided to leave (before even opening the required account to get paid) I requested my £20 commission be given in a different way. Apparently that is impossible. Full stop. No exceptions - can't pay a Uk presenter any other way!

Will take money off me via Paypal though, but wierdly it isn't possible to give me money that way????

Yeah, right. Glad to no longer be part of such a rubbish company.


That's all they ever did , just go round and around in circles. They don't give you answers because they can't answer with out saying the real reason why they are not certified. It's so wrong on sooo many levels.


This is rubbish I was told the same lies

My company is less than a year old we was certified before we launched in November 2016

If a company says they are cruelty free then it's should be their duty to make sure they only use suppliers that are certified themselves, nothing to do with how old the company is.

This really frustrates me.


Ex Presenter

I actually got told off from compliance for posting the leaping bunny logo(cruelty free) I thought that if you advertise that you are cruelty free you have to be certified.

I asked them and they couldn't answer my question as to why they don't have the certification, other than it's because they add new products every 6 months so they have to go through the verification again.

What a load of rubbish.

Needless to say I have left and now with a company that is PETA approved and leaping bunny certified and this was all before we launched and we are releasing new products every month but that doesn't effect the certification.


Same thing happened here. When I found out Younique wasn't certified I was upset.

All the presenters claim its cruelty free but technically it isn't. Not without that certification :) I got attacked and accused of talking *** when all I was trying to do was find out if they were really cruelty free since that's what all the presenters say. If you ever disagree with anything to do with this company you will be attacked by the presenters.

If you don't like the makeup or have problems with it they will blame it on you. Nice company you got here :) Not to mention their makeup is garbage, drug store makeup doesn't make my face break out as bad as their greasy junk.


I am sorry you had such a negative experience. But I can answer the animal cruelty piece.

Younique does not test on animals. HOWEVER, in order to label our products to be included. They would have to certify that every single vendor they purchase supplies from must also have that same certification of proof. So there are quite a few cruelty free products on the market in this same position.

We are working toward the official labeling but I can take years of red tape, and our company is only four years old. Not at all an unusual process, but annoying for those of us properly educated distributors.


Blah blah blah! Bottom line is Younique is NOT cruelty free!

They need to stop saying they are!

You are not cruelty free unless all raw material suppliers are! It's not rocket science!


If you don't carry the official title, your reps and yourself should stop marketing it as such. The procedure to carry the title has regulations and restrictions in place to ensure no animal cruelty takes place in an organization making such claims.

If a company is willing to "lie" about being something they are not because they do not hold an official certification, it should cause grave concern for consumers as to what else you are hiding. What is really annoying is having a rep misrepresent or manipulate the truth to make a sale. From the many reviews on here, I have learned your reps are willing to say pretty much what it takes to make a sale. My personal experience was a random run in with a person who insisted your make up line was the perfect warm weather wont run down your face kind of product.

Clearly a lie based on the many reviews on this site and others. This company would do better with honestly, difficult concept for you to understand but check it out, it is really quite refreshing. You might actually like it.

Oh and if you hop on and blast this post - we get it you are just another rep selling a nightmare as a dream. Funny thing though instead of selling your product you are at home reading reviews of how much people dislike this company.

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