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As of this month, I'm officially an ex-presenter. I joined the company in 2014, basically to get the starter kit.

Just $99, and back then the starter kit was amazing with all full-size products. Well, back in 2014 the original 3D mascara was also amazing. I've got a wonderful full-time job that I love, and really only intended to join Younique for the discount. But my friends LOVED the mascara.

They bought and bought, and told their friends who also bought from me. I moved up the ranks almost unintentionally, and made some nice extra spending money. Then, in mid-2015, the company changed. They changed their mascara formula.

Seriously, the dumbest move ever. The new stuff sucks. My friends who are still in Younique don't even promote it anymore. I actually saw the new mascara (Younique brand) for sale half-price on Groupon Goods.

After the mascara debacle, I pretty much lost all of my sales. A few of my friends bought the liquid foundation, but when they went to re-order, Younique was out of stock. My friends moved on to other brands. The Younique market is saturated.

People are over it. They're expanding to other countries, I suppose to find new markets of customers who aren't over it yet. My friend who first introduced me to the brand is black status and her commissions have been getting lower and lower. She's ready to jump ship any day now.

Prices are high...too high for the average consumer, and the quality is just ok. For months, I didn't even make the minimum order to stay a consultant. Finally, they terminated me. No hard feelings.

I've been over Younique for a while now.

All of my friends who were in it have either left or are about to leave. If you've got direct selling talent, you are wasting it at Younique.

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Have you joined any other company? We have a ton of ex youniwue girls and are very happy with the switch


Do they really not test on animals and are they all natural? A friend is trying to get me involved. Love the eye shadows and lipsticks, but not if an animal was hurt in the process.


They say they are cruelty free but they have nothing to show to back it up. Save yourself the time and money and go with urban decay or something else if you want TRUE cruelty free!


Younique themselves do not test on animals, however they are unable to obtain the cruelty free certification until they can prove none of their vendors do either. This is in the works.

Please reach out to me for more information. I'm on facebook (Danielle Vales) or my younique site (https://www.youniqueproducts.com/Mixitmakeup/presenter/contactme)


Uh...if you can't obtain a cruelty free certificate, then it's not cruelty free. What does "proving their vendors do either" have anything to do with younique being cruelty free??

You need to read what you are writing. This company is garbage.

There are plenty of brands out there that can prove they are truly cruelty free unlike this one. Lies.


The true answer, Danielle V, is that you don't know. If you have not asked their vendors yourself then you don't know. "Younique themselves do not test on animals" is mincing words.


If they were actually cruelty free, they would be leaping bunny certified exactly like Limelife by Alcone is.

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