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This named Xicom Technologies is amongst the worst IT companies located in New Delhi, India. I have outsourced 10 web development from this company but till now it hasn't delivered any one of them.

I am really pissed off by their so lousy attitude and would recommend every off shore developer to look out for another company, if you want to get worth out of your investments. *Xicom Technologies** is one of the worst companies. It has the employee strength of just 50 people.

There is a huge difference between its commitments and actions. I am really pissed off.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Location: New Delhi, Delhi

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Companies looking to work with Xicom, Wordprax, appsted, mobiers, alcax, ossmedia, magenta, designs2html, druplax, joomtax, Please be noticed:

All these websites are run by one company- Xicom Technologies and they are not registered companies (ask them what kind of company are they), so if you work with any website and pay wire-transfer, they can easily loot you for your money.

I have shared enough evidence below to prove the scam Xicom is running, but before that would like to explain how they have been entangling clients and squeezing them for the money:

1. They focus on SEO, PPC of all these sites (not sure how they have bypassed google algorithm of duplicity), so when a client sees them on first he/she gets an impression that they might be good and he approaches them with the requirements.

Now whether they can do it or not they will try to pick him up, if he is willing to pay via wire-transfer as they afraid of chargeback on credit cards. If the client agrees, which he has to, as they ask for about 10% transaction fee (might reduce it as well) he is in their claws. Now if they can do it they will show that it’s in process and would take their own time due to limited resources and if they can’t they will stop responding to the client, in both the case the client looses on time and money.

2. For Indian clients, they will ask you to pay in USD with no receipt so for you it’s a death sentence for sure.

3. They use online portals to scam as well, they have used elance and now using Upwork to fake, but still it is hard to scam on these sites. Never give them the feedback initially as they would surely ask for it for the product delivery as in elance and upwork you cannot change the feedback after 30 days of putting it on the site. They work for feedback on these sites.

4. They always will ask for complete advance payment, try and keep it to a minimum like 10% or else you are running straight into their clutches. 5. All these sites Wordprax, appsted, mobiers, alcax, ossmedia, magenta, designs2html, druplax, joomtax donot have a linkedin account but Xicom has and its all fake.

6. Total no of Xicom employees: 70, out of which if we exclude admin, HR, sales and management it comes out to be not more then 50. Proof of how Xicom, Wordprax, appsted, mobiers, alcax, ossmedia, magenta, designs2html, druplax, joomtax is one: This page ALCAX (www.alcax.com) is not promoted on google but shows that these sites are all run by one. Wordprax: Fraud information shown in the Wordprax site: The entire information is fake: address, client testimony, portfolio (most of link are not in the market and if it call them and ask – they wouldn’t have a clue about the company), Management (I believe they forgot to change the theme and it is the same with other sites like appsted, mobiers, alcax, ossmedia, magenta, designs2html, druplax, joomtax.

Check there domain name above, its registered in April 2014, then how come 10 years, this is all fake: They are not even registered in India let alone No 1: OSSMedia: Address, contact number and even the theme used is the same in all the site and the address is fake, how ? Go to google earth and check yourself….

Magentax: Address, contact number and even the theme used is the same in all the site and the address is fake Designs2HTML: Address, contact number and even the theme used is the same in all the site and the address is fake Appsted & Mobiers: These sites are made to fraud with clients looking for mobile app development, they will force you to make wire-transfers. Appsted: Same Address, mobile number, theme usage and even the testimony as Mobiers: Mobiers: Same Address, mobile number, theme usage and even the testimony as Appsted:


Yes, I worked for the same company. But they can fire you anytime without any relieving letters and without any salary.


Do not use XICOM.BIZ (AKA -XICOM- ON ELANCE) they are a complete scam. I hired them for a custom web application and asked for a specific framework. And this notorious group of people gave me a free WordPress theme. Not just that, though they charged me for the whole service, they asked me to get the custom design coding and CSS styling by myself, it being out of scope. Can you even imagine what type of scoundrel the company may be??!!

XICOM.BIZ (AKA -XICOM- ON ELANCE) makes hollow promises and brag about their empty vessel of talent. The company will do and say everything to convince you about their worth, but they are worthless. Spread the word, do not go anywhere near this company. They will cheat you without fail.


My story is -

I approached XICOM BIZ to develop a mobile (android) app for us. Our deal started with a fixed bid on Elance and I paid the initial deposit they have asked for.

At the time of finalizing the deal, XICOM BIZ was an open mouth and was bragging about their skills and manpower and everything else. But the first scam they made was to write ambiguous points in the SRS. This SRS was approved by me before the project started. I'm not a very technical person so I understood that the SRS is meeting my overall requirement and gave them a go ahead. Least did I know that they would be using this SRS in future to scam me.

Only a few days after I signed the contract with Xicom Biz, they started playing a cheap game. They said certain SDK's and API that were crucial for the project has been updated and they would need more time and money to settle it with my app to keep my app updated.

This practice continued for a while, and they asked additional payment for few other features which I needed in my app and which I also mentioned during our initial discussions. The project was suppose to get finished within 3 months but continued till 5 months, and yet was incomplete.

After a while I started feeling that XICOM BIZ is nothing but a fraud company, and I was reluctant to invest any more money on the project. So I asked for source codes. To my astonishment they demanded full payment for my incomplete app, saying that as per their company policy, they cannot deliver the code unless the full project payment has been received.

So I raised an arbitration. Later they agreed to deliver me the source code without the final payment. I took the source code and reached an another developer this time a small freelancer, who confirmed that the code has multiple flaws, and does not have many important modules. The freelancer confirmed that this code is useless to finish the product and would have to be built from the scratch.

After 5 months wasting my time with Xicom and fighting with them for one more month, I was left with nothing. XICOM BIZ employs a group of fools in name of developer, and trains them to cheat people. I am all set to lodge a lawsuit against them now.

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