In 2016, my wife and I were tricked into purchasing a timeshare while vacationing in Hawaii. Nothing that was promised in that sales meeting has been true.

We were told we could travel anywhere at any time. We were also led to believe this was a great investment opportunity for our future. Neither turns out to be true. We are locked into this timeshare for the rest of our lives, then it reverts to our descendants (they never tell you that).

In addition you have no control over the amount of fees you have to pay.

We have sent numerous communications to Wyndhams many different departments asking for their help out of this nightmare. They refuse to help. We finally stopped making payments to them and they damaged our credit score, but it still has not gotten their attention. While we understand that lying and scamming people out of money, (which they continuously do even after you sign up) is not illegal, it is certainly not ethical.

How a business such as Wyndham gets away with half the things they do is beyond me.

I would recommend to anyone considering signing up with WYNDHAM, ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Stay as far away from Wyndham as you can. They will scam and trick you into a mess that you will never get out of.

I wrote to my credit bureau describing the situation, and they advised me to file a complaint with them. I did that, so that, hopefully, anyone who checks my credit for any reason will be notified of my displeasure. I also filed a complaint with the Attorney General for the State of California.

They forwarded my complaint to the Wyndham Resort Development Corporation.

Wyndham replied to the AG, wherein they denied any culpability whatsoever. Another dead end.

Albert Durst


User's recommendation: Stay as far away from anything "Wyndham" as you can.

Location: Roseville, California

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