I used to love this shop, especially when Harley was there but ever since she's left, things have gone downhill. I don't understand it, even my friends are done with this shop.

We have walked in just to be stared at by the weird guy behind the delta counter, he used to sit by the door which was inherently worse. He's made inappropiate comments to myself and other female customers, I've also overheard him and another male employee make sexist comments and it's disgusting. If you're a female, it's not worth it to save money and deal with being objectified. This place is not a safe environment for women and now I understand why there's hardly any working there to begin with.

Complaints have been made way in the past and things don't change.

I am exhausted and everyone has a right to know what kind of people this shop allows to work there and now I understand why all the good employees left.

Also, Frank, the owner, has repetitively spread misinformation about covid and the vaccine to customers, and has suggested ivermectin, a horse dewormer, as a solution to covid which could cause harm to individuals if they were to follow his advice. I will pay $20 for a disposable from now on, $13 isn't worth the unprofessionalism and disrespect you get from this shop.

Also, read the responses to bad reviews, Frank gaslights anyone that doesn't agree with him.

User's recommendation: Go somewhere else.

Preferred solution: The sexist man needs to be fired and they need better management..

Wylie Vape Pros: Cheap prices.

Wylie Vape Cons: Terrible employees and customer service.

Location: 2771 West Farm-to-Market 544, Wylie, TX 75098

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