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Worldcore is some kind of an scam to collect interest on your money and exorbitant fees for doing basically nothing. They will issue you a supposedly "verified" account but then will freeze it with no warning claiming they need to check or verify something. After many days without access to your funds they may return them but less many fees.

Besides stealing I suspect maybe they are laundering money. I had my funds frozen for almost three weeks at which point they returned some of my funds but only after extracting hundreds of dollars in fees.

Beware, this company is a serious criminal organisation. Positive reviews of this company are most certainly fake.

Review about: Payment Services.

I didn't like: Theft, Fraud, Money laundering.

Review #869125 is a subjective opinion of a user.

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Reason of Review / Monetary Loss Fraud and theft / $325
Preferred solution I want to expose these scam artists so others don't get ripped off.

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This company lying to their clients, still their money by any means as well as lie on their replies on this board.

First of all about my personal experience :

I made two wire transfers with there express service in Euro without currency exchange or anything, and they charge me 80 EUR per each transfer, guarantee that money would arrive in 1 day, and wires didn't arrive at all, so I did two transfers 1, of 5100 and second for 4200 Euro , on same day paid 80 EUR each for the express delivery and funds didn't arrived, I have requested investigate this issue and we're told to wait it would come, no apologies for the delay, no compensation for the incredibly unrealistic fees, nothing , I was told to wait.

And the money still didn't arrive, the receivers bank requested SWIFT copy of the wires , so they as bank can put trace on the transactions, but when I ask for them, I was told I can't have them, I have to pay for the Copy of the SWIFT I already paid for, 10 EUR each, because those wires were payment for the subcontractors, who are not very happy that they not getting paid, I agreed to pay for the SWIFT copies.

So now I still don't have the money or SWIFT copies, I also don't receive a replies to my emails , at the moment this company made me pay them 180 EUR for , if I put this nicely, for misplacing my money.

Furthermore Mr. Daniel is lier, as read his reply , to previous report were he stated, that his company only serves European...

Likewise I approached press officer of this company and this his reply to me: Hello, Unfortunately, I am unable to assist directly as I handle press inquiries only and am unable to inquire with staff about operational issues. Because of the nature of wire transfers, difficulties and delays do occur from time to time regardless of the sender and receiver, but I recommend you continue to communicate with our support team. I assure you that all emails are reviewed the same day by multiple people. I would also highlight a chat functionality at the bottom of our website at I’m sorry to hear about the delay and wish you a speedy transfer.

Warm regards, Sean So as you could see nothing here as well. I did as well approached bank they are using for their wire transfers, who send me back to them.

And yet still no money.I decide to take a legal action against this company and would welcome any other information or similar experiences any one may have.

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to Anonymous #1320150

I would agree with you that we are liars, fraudsters or who else you may think but the reason of your problems is wrong beneficiary name which was indicated and this was not our fault at all.I guess everyone would agree with me.

Finally, your recipient received the funds but this required amendments and we did everything according to basic instructions for such cases.I'm repeating again that you indicated wrong beneficiary name and the funds cannot be credited to recipient's account in such cases.


this company Worldcore Payment Service, has very good review from Fobres, Financial Times, then it is a good company, probably people that talk bad here, are paid by banks and bankgsters !

Moscow, Moscow, Russian Federation #1179636

Dear Readers!

My name is Daniel and I am one of compliance officers at Worldcore.

We have no idea who needs this attack to harm our reputation but we never ripped off anyone and never stole any funds from our clients, it's totally impossible in regulated business and all these reviews are fake and proofless.Otherwise we would have serious problems and we wouldn't have payment institution license because we send reports to regulator every quarter and all these posters never complained to regulator because of complete fakeness of these situation.

We are open for public discussions anytime and the person who runs these attack has nothing to show except spamming. I'd like to note that we serve EU clients only and we do not accept clients outside EU so it's strange to see reviews from Thailand and Canada. We even have no advertising on these markets. We have millions of Euros monthly transaction volume and it's out of everyone's understanding why we need to freeze $300-500...

We serve hundreds of companies from EU and UK with much higher transaction volume and we keep everyone satisfied. We guess this is an attack of our competitors or someone who was declined by compliance team while onboarding due to suspicious signs of fraud. Worldcore is a sponsor of 2 recent fintech conferences which were held in Amsterdam (April) and Prague (June 9-10), Worldcore was a nominee for European Fintech Awards 2016, Worldcore is being audited for PCI compliance...

We are more than sure that any adequate reader will understand our position.

We sincerely wish everyone a pleasant day and we are open for discussions.



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Cheated customer of WorldCore
to Anonymous Sellye, Nitriansky Kraj, Slovakia #1180448

Wow...unbelievable these crooks even try to defend themselves.

Legit companies don't pay bloggers to write crappy broken English fake positive reviews of them, real customers of good companies write real reviews. Look what an obvious scam they are:

And as to this ridiculous claim " we do not accept clients outside EU so it's strange to see reviews from Thailand and Canada." So a European person traveling in Thailand or Canada would never want to use an online only payment service!? LOL. How ridiculous.

I was screwed by these crooks in the same way and I cannot even figure out how to complain to any "regulatory body" because they are in Czech Republic.I am in the EU and I've been cheated too.

Don't trust these crooks, they will do anything they can to steal from you and hten call it "fees" you agreed to.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada #1178248

Also had payments held for a very long time and then $300+ in "fees" stolen by Total crooks. I hope someone shuts them down soon!

to Anonymous #1321303

I thought they serviced many countries outside the EU because when I signed up.from South Africa they didn't seem to have an issue with that.

Also thanks for the reviews guys, at least I hadn't deposited any money yet.sic

Southend, Southend-On-Sea, United Kingdom #1177364

Me too. Locked account, then stole money and only returned some of my money.


I was also ripped off by this company in a similar way. They stole over $500 from me and then returned the money to sender less $500 and change after many weeks. They should be jailed.

to Anonymous #1320149

Dear readers of these reviews!

Our fees is not a secret and they are available on our website, we NEVER had and NEVER charge any hidden fees.You accept terms of service by clicking checkbox while opening an account.

We never steal anything from our clients, we return all balances if we decide to close account of the client because of money laundering or fraud signs.

We have tens thousands of clients which never have problems while using our services.As you should understand nobody goes here to post something good about any company, so I advise you to visit our thread on Offshore Corp Talk forum to have full clearness about our reputation and quality of our services:

We totally agree that our fees for bank transfers may seem high but this is our business and as you should understand business is much different thing than charity.

Worldcore team works hard to increase product portfolio, add more cutting-edge innovations, help people and companies o solve their payment issues.

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