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The numbers speak for themselves. Male writers outnumber females 4:1 at least.

Why did pissed remove my other review. Trotsky was a womanizer.

Maybe men are greater risk takers in the socialist movement, but somehow that doesnt make much sense. We're all in this together so it should be about 1:1 because women far outnumber men in the liberal arts & writing courses.

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It would be nice if VJ did some syndicated writing but now that he's such a trade name no. So you will never find Veterans Today, RT, Alternet, The Last American Vagabond, Truthout or Wsws.org featuring his truly.

They rather run a respectable waspy curmudgeon like...David Cay Johnston for increasing their SEO results! I mean if anyone defended Julian Assange it was Caitlin Johnstone, yes an Indy Aussie female reporter! So they won't include a woman let alone minority woman! I know because I share my articles with them and they ignore Asian American female journalist all the time aside from borrowing ideas.

DCJ borrowed my ideals on China bullet trains to get a flashy article in Salon about why America can't afford them "anymore." Well that's both a lie and provocation. No harm done. Nothing personal.

Just how the same old-same old operate in media today! Surkov-style spin and confusion abound in "pseudo establishment news" and dominated by fake "brave men." Men who hide in their cars and depend on delivery services!

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