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Now that several guests had to resort to contacting the local police dept.about the rampant and obvious drug dealing and the noise situation encouraged by the on-site maid and front desk girl by apparently hosting a block party in the back parking lot of hotel, it is finally quiet! Most likely having to do with the fact that I've counted 4 cops cruise thru here w/I the last hour (and one sit off to the side just waiting to bust the next one who comes thumping back here-he has gotten 2 so far) why in God's name would ANYONE with ANY common sense whatsoever thinks that it's okay to behave like that when you're at a HOTEL?

This isn't the ghetto and this is not your home or apartment complex. All of rest of us are so tired and relieved to finally be able to hear ourselves THINK that the entire place was dead silent as I've never heard before by 8:30 pm. The only sound I've even heard is from one of those said employees using her tiptoes to quiety walk to the elevator and around the hotel-any other time she slams in and out of her door so hard and loud every 5 minutes you can literally feel your door shake all the way down at the opposite hallway. It's so sad that hotel guest ever be put in this situation.

My 68 yr old mother lives nearby and we were looking forward to her stopping by to visit around 4pm, as I've only see her twice since pandemic. With no parking left in front, I was forced to cancel and reschedule for tomorrow because there was no way I was going to let my mother pull in to see her 38 yr old daughter, and find herself in the middle of the worst rap music turned as loud as you can in imagination can take you (this is not an exaggeration), and force her to walk through the middle of a bunch of rude *** sketchy, Marijuana smoke-in-your face, public drug dealing, "real-job" losers that look like they dropped out of 6th grade 5 yrs ago.and have their pants hanging down almost to their knees. What's even the point of wearing them at that point? I'm not really a fan of police,, but Ocala PD was amazing tonight- an officer walked up to me and several other people that were bringing in luggage or deliver food and was very helpful.

He wanted to hear our concerns and as he noticed just how tired/weary some ppl were,and how crazy its been,ce was he was outraged and ensured us he would keep deputies cruising thru every 15 mins and our cars safe. Never have i stayed at a hotel where a police officer was apologizing for the place, and not their employees. If I was the owner of this place right now I would of done had a heart attack or ended up in jail! I hope they thank the local police because they just saved a lot of their business by doing that.

Many people were talking about leaving tomorrow, and decided to stay because they feel safe now. This place need cleaned up from top to bottom and has to implement better customer service or they are going to end up out of business in no time if this behavior continues

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As the only of our company for the past 17 years, I understand mistakes happen,and I've never left a bad review anywhere I've been. But this place is insanity.

Pd for a month working 7 days a State Contract and i had take off work tonight because I'm too tired to risk safety after not being able to sleep for days..every day all day all week music blaring in back lot sketchy people smoking weed hanging out leaning on my car. Music so obnoxious u can't escape it. Rude employees scared to complain bcuz they are out there in in it. Roaches in kitchen toilet overflows 24/7 my bed is broken non smoking room smells like its never not been smoked in, elevator buttlns.doors etc never wiped, no offer offer of vac,tp,etc in 3 weeks.

Lady had to call cops tonight to get music off. They need to fire everyone here and start over. Girl that works/lives here in fistfights in hallway at 3am with boyfriend waking everyone up. Bad wifi-the place is dirty.

We were going to bring workers down and rent 4 more rooms for a month but I will find somewhere else no matter what I have to pay before I subject anyone else to this.

There are kids and elderly here and nobody even feels safe to come out there rooms now.. most disgusting disrespectful workers I've ever seen

User's recommendation: They're basically one room overpriced studio apartments who don't do criminal background checks and have no security. Dont expect wipe down a door handle much less vacuum room. Disgrace.

Monetary Loss: $350.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

WoodSpring Suites Ocala Pros: Pros are is close to our jobs also the prices good, Somewhere to sleep for the night, Large refridgerator and stove.

WoodSpring Suites Ocala Cons: New staffis awful, Bad service, Sketchy people and vibes, Rude employees and customers, Horrible weekend services.

Location: 4120 East Silver Springs Boulevard, Ocala, FL 34470

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