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I have decided to be part of Westwind...but I am going to be the unsilent guy.

After my dealing with the wall the neighbors put up, falls in my yard killing my new, dirt, and cinder blocks in my lawn. I had complained for years about way in *** someone can put up a cinder block wall that looks like crap without the HOA approval...then, when they put the wall up...they used no cement, no rods, no nothing...built this wall like if you had been 10 years old and needed a temporary fort to play in. So, I have had cinder blocks, rocks and dirt falling in my yard for years...and have complained for years...the only thing I can figure the HOA and this home had been friends and they did not want to tell friends to fix things, this is the only thing that makes sense! Because I have had the HOA after me for trees, they told me down them now or be fined.....and yet the little ugly wall...and its butt ugly....cant miss it...looks like bums built a wind wall so they could sleep.

The rocks and dirt had been put in after they put the wall up...meaning...the wall that has no cement....was then filled with rock and dirt....what you see each time someone walks on the dirt and pushes each block different places...meaning...its like Jenga....when one brick will come down.

The worst part about this...they sold their home...I contacted the HOA before closing again reminding them about this wall...and no surprise....the HOA told me to suck it up and stop complaining...they are in charge. And yet they have no record of the little gray wall ever being asked to be built...and yet it sits there?

This wall now has a 20% slant towards my will one day after a bunch of rain fall totally in my yard killing most of my grass and then I will have to have the lawn redone....talking with the new home owners they want to help and fix the good neighbors would! And I thank them for being true neighbors! But, now you have someone who bought there new home having to fix the crap another owner did and the HOA standing around with hands in there pockets long as you pay your HOA fees....we do not care...this is not protecting your home owners...this is ripping them off.

So, To help the documented issues....because I was told the little gray wall paperwork and records are all gone from back fixing via HOA.

So, you can now call me...The HOA record holder! I am retired military and my wife just retired...we got time on our hands...So, I will be walking around and taking great pictures of our neighborhood...I will be posting them on the HOA site and asking them to look into it....this way they will have a record and I will have a if this ever happens again....I will make sure we have something to reference.

This was all brought on by the HOA member I chatted at....she should have done the right thing and had the wall taken out and replaced properly (If they wanted the wall) and never allow a new person to take on another home owners mess...this is what an HOA is supposed to do.

Everything I do to my home is to increase the value or look better....this wall...cinder block wall...(at least make them use brick and cement!).. should never have been put up and has been there for years....I get notes each spring....cut down trees (that they could have never seen unless they had been in some ones back yard...kinda strage hey?) and yet over the last 7 years they keep missing this little gray wall that will...if not this year or next part of my yard without being fixed!

Again, I have talked with the new owner and we will fix this since we are cleaning up your mess...the least you can do is wave my neighbors HOA fees for a year so they have the money to fix the wall you refused to see.

This wall should be paid for and fixed by the HOA! They allowed it to go up...and as it sagged, bricks come out of rank (cinder blocks shifting) and will cause damage to my yard...and then the HOA will refuse to clean up the mess...because they did not have a record of the wall going up...and yet...they had to see it.

I sent enough photos to the HOA...will not repeat.

I read your mission statement...the question is this...has all of your HOA members?

User's recommendation: we need an HOA...just because it helps, if they are responsive and fair to all, this is the only way an HOA can work, if you have members who do not care enough to look and fix issues...then do they need to be there?

Location: Aurora, Colorado

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