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I had long, thick, blonde wavy hair halfway down my back and all one length (no layers). My Crowning glory! Started using WEN in July 2011 because it was organic and natural and I'm ecology-minded and trying to live a greener lifestyle. My hair was beautiful and thick and actually became thicker as I aged, instead of thinning as so many women experience. I used the WEN Fig Cleansing Conditioner in July and the first time I applied it, I was aware of an intense burning on my scalp and left it on my head for a shorter time than the instructional video advised. I saw where Menthol was an ingredient and because I saw no warning or caution on label re: burning sensation , I continued to use the product. I used the WEN from July 2011 to mid September 2011. During this time, the hair loss after combing out from shampooing was more than I've ever had. I have always been very grateful that I never lost even the minimal amount of hair that is to naturally be expected from brushing and shampooing.

Then in late September, while shampooing with WEN, I noticed the water in my shower had risen to my ankles. I thought the drain must be closed. I was horrified when I reached down and pulled a handfull of hair that was clogging the drain. I had to pull the hair from the drain twice during this shower. I have been losing hair, non-stop ever since. It sounds gross but I have a quart size baggie full of solid clumps of my hair that I've pulled from the shower drain, and this does not include what I collect from my brush, clothing, bedding, dryer vent, EVERYWHERE!!! Today I found a 1 inch bald spot on the upper left crown of my head and there doesn't appear to be any new hair growing in. My scalp has a scaly layer of skin, similar to dandruff but I've never in my life had any such problem. I am traumatized and in utter despair.

I have filed a report with the FDA and spoken with WEN Reps who tell me they are so sorry to hear of my problem but they have no medical experts on staff to advise me how to rectify. I was laid-off from my job with the SD School District in June and my medical insurance expired the end of September. But I did have an annual complete physical and blood work-up in mid September and there is no medical cause for the hair loss. I'm a healthy, vegetarian of 17 years who uses protein supplements and vitamains, exercise regularly and have no allergies. My physiological age is 20 years younger than actual age. No smoking, drinking, drugs. It is such a sudden change that it can easily be traced back to what I was doing differently between July and September AND THAT IS USING WEN FIG CLEANSING CONDITIONER! It is the WEN! Please be alarmed and aware, Everybody, that there is without a doubt, MASSIVE AND ONGOING hair loss caused by WEN. I DON'TKNOW WHAT TO DO AND Am an EMOTIONAL WRECK. I am so concerned that many other women will be sucked in by the Celebrity Informercials of beautiful, shining hair and find themselves bald within 6 months. Get the word out! Contact the FDA at 800-332-1088 or file a complaint on the FDA website. Please let me hear of your own experiences. There is power in numbers. All my friends tell me to get a good attorney but all I'm concerned with is finding out how to stop the hair loss and hopefully re-grow what I've lost. At this rate, I will be bald in another month.


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Jan 10, 2012 #406256

I was about to order wen too, after reading about hair falling out nooooo way. I'm glad I saw this site and I'm sorry for those of you that this is happening to.

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Jan 09, 2012 #405845

Wen uses Wheat Protein. If you have a wheat insensitivity or have Celiac disease, it might be an allergic reaction to the ingredients?

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Jan 09, 2012 #405447

I went in to order Wen by typing TRYWEN.com into Google. Wen reviews came up and I started to read about the hair loss that some of you are experiencing. Thank Goodness I read the reviews since I am ALREADY experiencing hair thinning and thought Wen might help! I certainly WILL NOT be ordering Wen and I thank you all that posted the reviews. Best of luck in reversing the Wen damage.

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Janelle Bedel,

Jan 07, 2012 #404933

ok, I am pissed off! My hair has been falling out for 6 months, even my hairstylist said she could see spots where I had lost alot of hair. I had had a major surgery weeks before I started this shampoo. I had been told the stress of the surgery could cause my hair to fall out. I am glad I am running out of shampoo, I was getting ready to order more and thought I would see if there was any complaints. Pretty sad. If you decide to get an attorney count me in!

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Jan 07, 2012 #404765

I have never used wen, but was considering making a cheap knockoff for my own use. i have dry hair , and was amazed by the commercials. i could never afford or pay the ridiculous prices that Chaz charges!!I was shocked to hear about the hair loss. I think its probably a allergic reaction to the herbal oils. I had huge bald spots all over my head 3 years ago. My doc said it was allapecia,a pattern baldness.I have thick long wavy hair. I almost shaved it all off.My doc. said it may be the stress i had.with no cure!!! so I forced myself to be calm, and rubbed a smashed garlic clove on my bald spots every day for four weeks, and applied tree tea oil, thinned with a little olive oil daily.Low and behold the hair miracle!!! I soon had baby fuzz growing on the bald spots. :grin :grin it grew out scragly, but Ive trimmed them and they are gradually blending in and becoming normal hair. i quit the treatment after 2 months. hope this helps. if i can grow it back , you can too!!

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Jan 07, 2012 #404688

I thought about using this but didn't want to pay for shipping. I started using Cetaphil daily cleansing lotion. Its marketed for the face but works quite nicely in my hair. It is non foaming, like Wen, but has been recommended by dermatologists for skin cleansing for years. I do need a styling product to prevent all little frizzles but I also haven't had a haircut in over 6 months.

Maybe this can help with reversing your hair loss?

Best of luck!

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Jan 06, 2012 #404431

I've been using WEN for over 3 years, and have had the opposite experience. My hair is thicker than ever, and I am seeing LESS hair in the drain - not more! Do not order from Gunthy-Renker....they are a marketing company. I only order WEN from ChazDean.com or from QVC. I have never used anything that compares with WEN, and I will never use anything else on my hair.

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Jan 06, 2012 #403978

I started using the wen pumpkin shampoo I ordered from QVC in November. My hair looked great but then when I combed it out in the shower I also started having clumps of hair coming out. My hair was thin to start with so after 3 weeks I stopped using it. The hair loss stopped immediately. I hope what I lost comes back. I'm glad I checked this site to see I'm not the only one.

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Jan 05, 2012 #403753

I have been using Wen for about a month and my hair has never looked better. I love this stuff, and it smells great. I'll keep my eyes peeled though, and if I notice any problems, I'll re-post and quit using. Until then, I plan to use it. A good friend of mine has been using it for a year or more and she still loves it and has had no problems with her hair falling out...

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Jan 05, 2012 #403270

:sigh Sorry for you lady's and thanks I was about to call and order but
No thanks I love my hair the way it is so. I keep my shampoo
And hope you can fix the problem.
God bless you.

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Jan 05, 2012 #403254

Thank you, ladies, for sharing your stories. I was about to buy Wen...I'm not now! I'll stick with a shampoo that won't make me bald. Best wishes to everyone.

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Jan 04, 2012 #403020

I never comment on these, but I started using Wen about 6 months ago. I noticed a lot of hair falling out in the shower, but I didn't think much of it until I also noticed that Iwas starting to see my scalp a lot more clearly than I used to. The addition of Wen to my hair care routine is the only thing that's changed. I also just had a physical and all of my blood work is absolutely normal. I called my sister who has been using Wen for about the same length of time that I have, and asked her if she was having problems. She too was having a lot of hair loss and couldn't figure out why. But she said that she had tried another shampoo and noticed the hair loss stopped almost immediately. While using Wen, my hair has been so much softer and it does hold it's color better - but if it all falls out - those things just won't matter. One of these other blogs has a link to the FTC site. I will be using that...

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Jan 03, 2012 #402482

I have been using wen almond cleanser since June 2011 and have also noticed hair loss. At first I thought it was just normal hair loss-it is normal to loose 100 hairs a day-but I can now see my scalp thru what is left of my hair. Guess I'm going back to my salon shampoo.

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Jan 02, 2012 #401855

Glad to hear your commemts. I am losing a lot of hair thanks to Wen. I always had a lot of thick hair and now my hair is thin and I get scared to wash and comb cause it falls down like crazy. What a shame. Never again. Lulu

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Jan 01, 2012 #400975

I think if you are able, get an attorney to look into a class action lawsuit against this Wen company. They're probably a front for some criminal establishment cashing in on something prior to the economy collapsing.

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Dec 31, 2011 #400866

I've been using Wen for about a year now, and I have yet to have this experience. My hair has never been better. And if you ordered it from the guthy-renker team your story doesn't really check out because they only carry the almont mint and cucumber. I know that for a fact. Now if you ordered directly from Chaz Dean's site then your story does check out. Anyway everyone's body and hair is different. They respond differently to ingredients and products. This product just wasn't for you, but that doesn't mean that your experience will happen to everyone. I know you said you didn't have any allergies, but if you haven't been tested for allergies to everything you never know for sure if you weren't allergic to one of the ingredients in the cleanser.

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Dec 31, 2011 #400836

Yes, Catherine, I have noticed it too. I've been using a similar sulfate-free shampoo for about 6 months. Like you, my hair has thinned to the point of my looking like Golub from Lord of the Rings. The only thing I can link it back to is using this product.

I'm so devistated. I have even contacted Bosley to consider getting a hair replacement. I can't because I don't even have a donor site on my head!!! Diffuse hair loss at its worse.

Has your hair begun to grow back since discontinuing Wen? Are you using any supplements that seem to help? Thanks and good luck!

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Dec 31, 2011 #400666


I too have experienced excessive hair loss after using WEN for approximately 5 months. I had thinning on top of my scalp and a quarter size bald spot on the side of my head. I had numerous blood tests done and all of them came back fine. The only difference was that I was using WEN. I stopped using WEN about 4 months ago and it is slowly growing back in. This product defintely needs to be investigated. I contacted the FDA when I stopped using WEN months ago. I hope they are investigated the product!

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Dec 31, 2011 #400556

Catherine go and see a reputable dermatologist. My scalp was burned by a bad perm many years ago and I found out a few years later that within the first year of the damage being done a dermatologist may be able to reverse any damage but after that time elapses nothing can be done. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you :)

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Dec 31, 2011 #400552

Catherine my hair was ruined by a bad perm many years ago as the scalp had been burned. I found out a few years later that if I had went to see a dermatologist within the first year of it happening that they may have been able to reverse the damage but after that time there is nothing that can be done. Contact a reputable dermatologist and fingers crossed they can reverse the damage done to your hair.

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