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One star is too many for this company.

They are absolutely useless. Took them over 2 months to build a website, just the basics and that was still very very poor.

As part of the package I paid for was 2 API to be integrated into the site, this is when their incompetence started to show. Their design manager, Kenny John, has not got a clue what he is doing. he kept trying to integrate the wrong API, blaming the DVLA and British Government.

They will lie to you from start to finish in order to squeeze more money out of you. I got another company to look at the website and they stated "a 10 year old could have done better"

They are, without doubt, the worst company I have ever dealt with, do your research....there are far far far better companies than this.

If you want a website that actually does what you want it to do and doesn't look like a child has designed it then PLEASE PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS INCOMPETENT LYING COMPANY

On their website they claim

"We Are Team of Bespoke Website Designer &;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Website Developer.".........Trust me this is so far detached from the truth

They also state they are "Professional", that is an absolute a website from them and then contact them to complain, see how professional they are!!!!!!!!

I wish I was able to post the link to the website they built on here to prove it, and to also let people hear the recordings of telephone calls i have had with this cowboy outfit.

Additional to this...when you try to ring the company to ask for a refund, you will be insulted then they hang up, you can try ringing again but they refuse to answer. They will then ignore you until you threaten them with court action.

Go to a company that is actually dedicated to what you want, not someone wanting to exploit people. They claim to be web designers, they are not, they contract the work out to Pakistan at a fraction of the cost.

They are absolutely useless


Do NOT trust their reviews on here, they are clearly fabricated, read through some of them, they are NOT genuine reviews. I read their reviews after I'd paid for their services and emailed their manager asking about all the negative reviews, all of a sudden they all get replaced with 5*reviews..!!!

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Web Visory Cons: Too many to mention.

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you are right!!


And they have secret email addresses set up for people to click on ask them to pay account activation dues. Then they tell you to pay more cuz the dues u pay or on the wrong email address. But the Knw all the details


Hi Steven, did you managed to get a full refund? I have a issue with my website too and now they want me to pay additional costs for GDPR compliance which should be included in the price How did you managed to get a full refund?

@Wilder Ouq

I am having the same issue with them at the moment. I flat out said that I should have been advised of the total cost at the start so that I could manage my budget. instead of being upsold at various stages.


Exactly - whats your plan to resolve it? I have asked for a full refund and waiting now but wondering where I should contact to to process my case and get my money back . Any advice?

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