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Business Address: 2948 Morro Dr. Antioch, CA 94531, United States WAYWARD RENEGADE WITCHES BLOG 1-86*-***-**** | waywardrenegadewitches@***.com Twister Magicsters Old Number: 1-86*-***-****

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My gut told me to avoid Twister Magicsters after my initial consultation with them. It was so-so and completely not as advertised. She even had to ask me questions that she should have known.

Sandy was sweet and all, but her prices are outrageous and she keeps raising them (plus she quotes different prices to different people). Sandy G*** M****** is the name of the witch that owns Wayward Renegade Witches Blog. She did say my husband and I would be together regardless of her witchery, but she also said she saw zero active rituals. I have many from Magical Lady Duchess, so I don’t believe that for a minute.

This isn’t a big deal, but I’m a little uncomfortable with witches who pretend to be good but in reality they are leeching off the popularity of others to make their living. That also put me off. Again, that’s just my preference and all of you may not feel the same.

In my opinion, Wayward Renegade Witches Blog is a scam and should be avoided at all cost!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $800.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Wayward Renegade Witches Cons: Fake witches, Are scammers, No refund guarantee, Ignored my emails, Extremely rude.

Location: 2948 Morro Drive, Antioch, California 94531, United States

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Sandy Gail Munmon does not do readings. The reading was done by Marion Banks Merriouns.


No such thing as a good witch. Also you shouldn’t be dabbling in the dark arts to begin with.


This two clowns are frauds. I made a comment about Sandy below.

I will make a Youtube Video about these two clowns and post about them on every complaint site I can find.

Real witches do exist on Youtube. I gave my recommendation below and she is good.


6000 ask now Dana still no hope.


Liar Liar Pants on Fire- your questions will be answered on Youtube under Witch Patrol Wayward-So who are the people in the pictures - oh Magical Lady Dutches & Ashera Star Goddess


Sandy is two-faced! When their account got suspended on youtube, this is what they cried out:Quote: People on Youtube didn't not like us calling out fake witches and our rough stance- a bunch of fake witches got our account suspend- which Youtube never gave us the opportunity to defend our channel and just unfairly suspended our channel- we need our account returned- Please guide how we could go about it without the *** and waiting a year.Sandy, you cannot have it both ways.

You are calling out other witches as being fakes and scams, but when someone has an opinion of you, you play the victim card.

Your dirty tricks and fake witchery is what got you in this situation in the first place.Stop taking money from people and not doing the work. The reviews on your services don't lie.


The above complaint is true. Sandy, stop hiding under fake name like (Lona) trying to defend yourself. Your nothing but a fake witch.When you con people out of their money, they will report you!


The complaint is not about Sandy. Sandy does not do readings.


The report above is fake - and pretty sad- Sandy does not do consultation -


This is completely false and untrue. Please go to our website at www.waywardrenegadeblog.com.

You will see videos regarding our work and the exposing of individuals. We expose fake, frauds and con artist in the Occult world. Recently, we targeted various YouTube "witches" that are convicted felons. Not only have these degenerates posted a private address were children reside.

Leticia Padau( Ashera Star Goddess, Diana Taylor ( Mama Dee Taylor) They even had someone show up to threaten our lives. The local authorities have been called and it's being handled.


You two are the worse clowns I've seen on Youtube. I wouldn't pay you a dime.

I would use real witches like Psychic Emily Halifax who doesn't have an ugly fake like yours. At least she knows what she is doing on Youtube. I will make sure the public knows about your fraudulent ways. I will report all of your videos and tell everyone you scammed how to get their money back.

You N!!! Change your business name to Fraudwaywitches.

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