Pathetic piece of *** Ignorant, spiteful ***

Location: Sterling Heights, Michigan

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Why don't you tell us about your experience. What service did you purchased?

You paid how much? You sound like a miserable individual. Stressed & depressed? What you do not understand is that what for you.

Is for YOU in other words You are not going to stop waywards business.

You never purchased any services. I doubt you even spoke to her.

@Maily Auh

Why do they have to elaborate to you? Who the *** are YOU? Once again, you're either the business owner herself or just one her miserable followers on yotube.


I left a complaint about these fake clowns in the other topic that has their photos and address. Be warned.

Use a real witch on Youtube. Not these clowns.


Why go to youtube for witches when you can do it yourself. I believe you angry and bitter because your energy is whack.

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