Sorry for all those of you who became involved in this conversation. But I'm not Nick. I received an email from this company to alert me of the bad review. The only way to remove a bad review from this site is to pay them.

I'm not sure who Nick is. I mentioned the silly comments to a few of my customers as I was working office - somebody might have logged on to this site.

I am really sorry for Turtle's problems here. But as you see she stayed with us for over three months. Only the last few weeks had she started to complain.

I don't know why she wrote we do not like children. That is offensive and outrageous. Her son was very cute. He came behind the counter to talk to us and to pet the lobby cat. I don't undertand that comment. I take that very personal and so does my frontdesk staff.

Also, I do not appreciate any personal slams that she mentioned of me. It is not anybody's business where my house is. I do talk to my customers. I do not feel like I am too good to talk to them. As a matter of fact - we had a conversation when she checked in - I was shoveling snow from in front of her room. (We had a record breaking snow storm of 20 inches.)

As in every business you cannot make 100% of the customers happy. I am very sorry for her bad stay here.

She didn't mention anything when she checked out.

Please whoever Nick is - please stop your comments.



Wayfarer Inn

Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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I used to work there when the parents ran the place,wish I could say good things about it but I would be lying if I did,the daughter (Monica) I had thought was a friend until I learned from a former co-worker she had been talking about me behind my back after I resigned from there,I wonder if they still use used soap for their laundry detergent,not allowed back then to use water whilst cleaning the bathroom sinks and tubs,not allowed to use the A/C's on really hot days,the owner at times would use the master key to come into my room when I was in it,the owner got mad when I was ironing clothes for 2 guest staying there to make extra pocket money and I paid $400 a month to live in the room but that didnt matter to the owner because it was they'er electricity I was using to iron,the owners husband once gave my lunch that I paid for to his dog and it was then I knew I wanted out of there,only good memory I have was working with Tina and Angie but thats it.


meme there is more to this story. It's titled wouldn't recommend to a roach, I think. Read it and you will see this hag really is crazy treating her customers so badly. I feel sorry for the family in the story.

Also apparently this woman/man has split personality pretending to be nick and being very disrespectful and ugly to this poor family.

This story just really makes me mad at how businesses have became so money oriented over the years. Customers are ALWAYS right and you don't as an owner get on the internet and belittle the family even more by not taking responsibility for your inaction.



Do you always ramble about stuff that makes no sense? Who are you talking about lady, there are no other comments of people saying anything! CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY