The owner hides behind her employees. She doesn't offer any kind of raises or compensation, but gladly spends thousands of dollars on "necessary remodels" for the store.

She has no respect to anyone who disagrees with her.

Go into the store and ask employees from each department if they are happy working there, TRULY happy working there.

And listen to the answer they give.

If you pride yourself on being the longest running family owned business in the nation, wouldn't a big portion of that pride NEED to be put into the happiness and financial well-being of your employees? Whether they had worked there for decades or where brand new to the store?

It's a great place to shop and look around, and the workers give their all to the store, but it's often in vain as their made to carry the store on their backs so that the owner can be seen as a hero in the community.

User's recommendation: Check in with employees when you visit about how they truly feel about their working there.

Location: Los Angeles, California

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