Warrior Custom Golf Review: Nothing's for free--what did you expect?

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You know, for all the bad publicity Warrior Custom Golf is getting now, this company will give you clubs, and only charge you $50 in the end for any you want to keep.I've had two dealings with them, both just fine.

The first, I got some wedges for free, send back some clubs I didn't want, and talked the sales person down to $50 on a 3 wood I still use today (after 7 years). I did the same thing for a driver, which I sent back for more custom fitting. In the end I got a putter, another wedge for free, and the driver for $50. I used the driver for about 5 years until I swapped it for the Ping G10.

I received a refund of everything except for $50 both times. Was it a pain to get it? Sure. Did it take a 30 minute phone call?

Yup. But you have to expect as much.This company wants to make money, obviously. They want you to miss the 45 day "trial" period. They want you to just keep the clubs.

This isn't a scam. In fact, I feel like I scammed them.

I got two wedges, a putter, a hybrid, a 3-wood, and a driver for $100.The 3-wood alone was well worth it.

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136 of 140 Warrior Custom Golf reviews

Oct 28, 2013 #734463

I have the wedges in 52,56, and 60 degrees. I also have hybrids in 3,4, and5, along with the 3 and 5 woods. They are as good as any other clubs I have tried. I don't believe the average golfer in a blind test could tell you the difference in a 50$ club or a 100$ club. I am a 8 hdcp and cannot tell the difference. What you have to do is negotiate your price with Warrior. You will be surprised how low they will drop in price.

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TD 19

Jul 31, 2013 #691091

Look under SCAM and it shows a picture of Warrier Custom Golf.
Look under 'bait and switch' and is shows a picture of Warrier Golf.
Believe they will credit your card later even though they don't.
Warrier Golf is like something out of a bad movie.
BTW, their shipping and handling charges are about 3-5 times normal.
Do business with Warrier = Good luck.

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Jan 26, 2013 #599584 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States

Warrior golf clubs are great. It wasn't easy, but after some negotiating I got a full set for 400 with putter and hybrid. 3 woods, driver, and all irons. Great deal, great clubs. Ppl who've had bad experience are just poor communicators

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John Daily

Jan 26, 2013 #599589 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States

Cory - it sounds like you had a good experience.

Scott X gives all the deals. People should ask for him as hes a golfer himself.

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Jul 09, 2012 #509864

It's been several years since I've dealt with Warrior but I have gotten 2 full sets of clubs from them and have to say that my handicap went from around 30 to 14 within 2 years. I'm very pleased with the clubs and was able to get both full sets for less than $200 through negotiation. I guess you just have to know how to deal with people. I highly recommend the clubs and very highly recommend negotiating firmly but fairly.

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Jul 06, 2012 #508026

I have been using my Warrior clubs (irons,wedges & woods) for about 8 yrs. I love them, yes it is a hassle being on the phone trying to send clubs back after the trial period but for me it was worth it. I negotiated the price down where it was very affordable & love the clubs. I am thinking about getting my son a set as he is starting to get into the game.Also I get a postcard every year around Christmas that I can pay shipping & get lots of cool stuff for stocking stuffers. Not a scam, just a little bit of a pain.

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Jun 28, 2012 #503935

I bought a set of warrior clubs[irons only] around 2006, I have been using them around 3 days a week. Put new grips on every year. They are the best clubs I have ever used.From what I hear, they are good, just the correspondence with warrior is not satisfactory. I would like to have another set.

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Jun 05, 2012 #491255

Thanks for the info. Was going to order the "free" clubs, but after reading this, I'll save the aggravation.

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Susie Shopper

May 31, 2012 #488909

Super HIGH-pressure sales don't be fooled. Don't give any cc information. Seasoned shopper and had over hour convo to get my return credit. :eek

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May 28, 2012 #487253

A Scott x called and told my he had the Greatest Club offer ever, I gave him My card # . It sounded a little fishy So while I was talking to him I punched in there Web site And a Ripoff report came up. I Immeditly called my bank and cacelled my Debit card Within Ten minuites he called back and left a message that there was a problem, And he told me ten minutes before he wasn't going to charge my card for 2 or 3 weeks. I called Cust. Service and they said he went to lunch. I left a few choice words to tell Scott X. Caught the ripoff before it happened Ha Ha Ha Lol!!!!!!

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Jul 31, 2013 #691061 East Brunswick, New Jersey, United States

Technically catching it before it happened would have been not giving some random guy your card number in the first place.

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Feb 13, 2012 #428754

thanks to all you golfers your revews keep me from makeing a big boo boo thanks

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Feb 08, 2012 #425407

Warrior Golf sent me a hybrid a few years ago. I don't recall paying shipping or anything. I still use the club and they still call me on my cell trying to sell me stuff. They just called me and I told them to take me off the list. We'll see.

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HC Puckett

Jan 29, 2012 #418360

I have one of their drivers and I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jan 25, 2012 #416054

I ordered the hybrid with all the other stuff that they want you to try, but before I could open the box, I found out that I had to have knee surgery. Call them to return, and the RMA customer service supervisor Adam Swick, sad hey, don't worry, you'll love them so we'll just extend the the test time by 60 days, and oh yeah, give you a driver for having to wait. ++$$ When the surgery went bad, I call to ship both UNOPENED boxes back, but of course I was told to go pound sand. Denied any and everything. Just out of luck we don't care that you will never be able to use them. Sucker.....

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Oct 10, 2011 #356926

I tried the woods. I was surprised I had to put well over 500 dollars on my credit card to receive a “free hybrid” but did so anyway. I had to try four other clubs out as part of the deal. What happened was I misread the fine print thinking I had 45 days to try the clubs out and then return them. Boy, was I wrong! Just after that time period I tried to return the clubs I didn’t want (I was going to buy two of them). I was greeted with the most ridged sales department I have ever encountered. I was 12 days past 45days (the time begins when they were sent them NOT when I received them) and they emphatically told me there was no was on earth they would make an exception and take them back. They kept trying to give me things I didn’t want (balls & head covers, wedges) to make it up to me. So, I went and reread the invoice and see they make it very ambiguous – it is easy to think you are supposed to try them out for 45 days instead of send them back within 45 days. NEVER do they make it CLEAR with any of their communication they must be returned within this 45-day period. Thus, golfing public beware, this company is trying everything humanly possible to fleece you! Stay away from them AND don’t deal with them. Warrior Golf is a very slick company set up to gather as much money as they can in short period of time; poor business people with no empathy. They got me for lots and lots of my hard earned cash. Spread the word not to deal with these shysters

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Oct 10, 2011 #356511

You know, I got a set from these guys back in the 90's. The deal back then was 'test' woods, then after 90 days they would charge your card if you didn't return them. I called after 11 weeks and told them I wanted to send them back. They offered to let me 'test' irons for another 90 days. Another 11 weeks out I called them and said 'take em back.' After about 50 minutes of talking to various people they finally they said "just take em." I was out $50 for shipping. I still have them and use them as loners but IMHO they were worth about $250 or so.

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Sep 19, 2011 #346693

If you guys see anything about free clubs its not free! my dad's friend informed us of an offer where they will send you free irons if you participate in the trail. My dad told me to call them and follow up on it so i did and then they charged $500!! to the credit card for what they say is refundable. We've called them several times to cancel the order and they just put us on endless hold! Big scam

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May 31, 2011 #292791

I would just like to say that im 18 and they tried to scam me. Now i know better and ya learn from experience.

I called them and they told me i could have a wedge and a hybrid for S&H of 23$ right? wrong. after i gave them my credit card info the guy then informed me that he would be sending me a set of clubs of which would be charged on my card that i would have to review. thats when i started to freak out.

I immediatly told him that i wanted to cancel my order; he didnt like this and started being extremely pushy to the point where he wouldnt even let me speak. I guess he thought i was some *** or something because of my age? well, all im saying is that he messed with the wrong kid. First of all he lied about what would be charged to my card (23$ compared to 500plus) --im pretty sure that is FRAUD, actually im possitive that is fraud and the government should take a look into the workings of this company. I am angry that other people are going to be thrown into the same trap that happened to me as i heard multiple telemarketers in the background dealing with prospective "customers"

Dont deal with these people, the company is decieving and untrustworthy.

Now i have to worry that they didnt charge my card even though i told them to cancel everything and called back multiple times to confirm that there was no transaction.

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