Warren Properties is a bad employer.

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I worked for Warren Properties for about 2 years.During the time that I worked there I saw all the partying pals of the area supervisors getting promotions, while the people that never layed out of work never got anywhere.

They also have little consideration for the tenants, they have even been sued for keeping deposits. The pay rate is so low it is no wonder, most of the employees are low scale laborers at best. Warren Properties is a bad place to work for. There are no ethics, the bosses can scream at you and write you up at will.

You can not retaliate, or talk to the boss, or you get screamed at some more, and belittled. Being belittled in front of co-workers, and tenants is the normal activity when working for this company. If you like to party with the boss, then this is the place for you.

When i worked there I felt like I was in jail.So glad to be free.

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38 of 38 Warren Properties reviews

Mar 12, 2016 #1126103

Class action lawsuit time, I think.

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Mar 08, 2016 #1124167

I'm not surprised given my observations as a tenant of their lack of total maturity and professionalism. They gain nothing by being that way. Maybe the company can invest in deep therapy for themselves. People like them traumatize other people's lives for no *** reason. I'm sorry they treated you like that. They are too dense and full of excuses and arguments to even notice their crappy behavior and crappy words towards their fellow human being. God only knows why they are in business because they will crumble while they take others down with them.

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Dec 24, 2014 #920413 Markham, Ontario, Canada

Why not do the adult thing and admit you were not a good worker.

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Dec 05, 2013 #753444

I AM a vary please renter of warren house apt.management and staff are great here.just visted 555 executive dr. huntsville al.35816.THEY REALLY CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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Dec 23, 2014 #920405

Except your pool is always closed. Lived there before, and I will admit it's one of the better ones atop that hill, I also kind of miss it. I live on a property in Phoenix now and I freaking regret it.

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Jul 09, 2013 #677418 Omaha, Nebraska, United States

Warrenhouse here in Omaha, NE is also complete bull ***! Managers suck... Area supervisor Juan has refused to call me back dispite repeated attempts to get ahold of him. The apartment managers take looooong lunches, usually from 11pm-2pm (the hours of operation say they're closed from noon to 1 everyday)... And when they're there, they hang out with crusty crack head looking dudes listing to 2chains on their cell phone.... In the office! This place has bedbugs, and I think the maintenance guy has been stealing my BBQ off the gill! *** this place. I hope the fat *** office girls are reading this, because I have a message for you: go *** yourself! There has been a lot more issues then this as well... Rent screw ups, unannounced apartment entry's etc.... :(

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Anonymous Tenant

Mar 11, 2013 #621635 Phoenix, Arizona, United States

It,s Not the Management that's Bad. It,s the LOW Lifes they rent to. My building has Drugs, Prostitution and Mental Cases. It almost seems like they go out of there way to find the Worst people possible for tenants. Nobody has any Pride in themselves and it shows. and they rent by the week, so you have constant *** moving in and out constantly. They try to take care of the building, but how can you, when you have Losers like this constantly breaking things.

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Who cares

Aug 30, 2012 #536029

Why is everyone so "pissed" get over it working here isnt even bad atleast we work alone and Mike and Glenda are very easy to work with sure they can get upset but if you do your job well than you shouldnt have any problems I bet all of you sucked at ur jobs and are just mad you got fired lol

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former tenant

Aug 02, 2012 #523180

Stay away from anything even remotely connected to Warren Properties. They do not take the time to properly maintain their buildings, and they certainly do not care about their tenants. Avoid them like the plague. :(

I'm glad I found this page. So many of the comments here back up much of what I witnessed when I lived in a Warren Prop. apartment. Thank you all so much for sharing your experiences. You would not believe how much it helps to know that I wasn't the only one who went through that ***. 8)

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Ex employee - ft.worth, tx

Jul 26, 2012 #519563

I worked at the property in Haltom City. There is NO training for new employees, the manager is rude and so hyped up, tryin to micro-manage everyone else, you can't even ask her a question without getting snapped at. In front of everyone. It's embarrasing to work for someone who will yell, throw papers in your face, roll her eyes and gossip...and this is THE manager. But she cant get in trouble because shes related to the supervisors and makes it known. She belittles all employees and has poor management skills. Needless to say, I quit.

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Mar 12, 2013 #622112 Atlanta, Georgia, United States

I was trained there, in Haltom City,there was no training... no compassion and alot of lies going around. After training, you are thrown into being a manager and no one helps you, have to figure it out yourself and all the managers are against each other, if you are moral and take a stand for truth. Also never get time off.......the area supervisor was evil.

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Mar 26, 2015 #964048

I worked with Warren Properties in Irving, manager there dressed so sleezy, wore 6 inch heels to work and flirted with the supervisor wouldn't doubt it if they were having an affair the way they carry on wth each other!! Always locked up in his office or always alone in vacant apts

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feed up with managements harra

Jul 16, 2012 #513764

the management in at millbrook country club apts in fresno ca have harrassed my family & i since the momment i have moved in. After speaking with numerous other tenants we have found out we are not the only ones. We have gathered together to seek legal consultation

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Jul 04, 2012 #507263

i can't recommend this company to my friends to work in this company because mostly supervisors are races. one of my relatives work hard here and they fired him with out any explanation why? Then he ask an termination letter but this company ignore him until now. this company are sucks.........

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Bryan DiLeo

Jul 04, 2012 #506914

Very undesirable place to live the landscaping is disgusting.. Very un professional former residents try to look for another apartment they refuse to verify that ever lived their.. They're so call furniture that a furnished apartments with is the most shifty furniture ever seen... You get better stuff with you live at a motel.. Most of their properties are infested with bed bugs and roaches

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Bryan DiLeo

Jul 03, 2012 #506191

I was hired 3 weeks ago and got fired as of today July second 2012... For building in glendale ca... What a fucken joke they r... so called trainer brandon is a joke wow he is supposed to be he's to he's too busy playing with a cell phone and his iPad.. So then maybe go because I wasn't picking up speed fast enough for them and I've been in the industry for 11 years how is 1 supposed to be concentrating when people come in and out of the office people want to see apartments people residence have emergencies

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Tired of the bs

May 23, 2012 #484519

Warren properties is a joke. I wouldn't recommend working for a prejudice, uneducated, belittling person such as Debra. She talks so much so that she can try to make up for how dumb she is. She just sounds dumber when she contradicts herself. beware of this company!!!

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anoynymous x-employer

May 12, 2012 #479481

Dont ever work there, they will use you until they dont need you and replace you in a heart beat.. Glenda and Mike are two selfish people..

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