Walgreens playing doctor is destroying my health!!

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I thought it was bad when Walgreens could not even transcribe a prescription correctly for the label on the bottle, they have shown they are even more inept at the pharmaceutical business.

I tried contacting Walgreens yesterday to get a refill on a long-standing prescription, for the narcotic Hydrocodine. I knew there was one refill left on the prescription that I had not filled yet. After hours of being refused a refill, I was finally told that the reason was because when the law changed about three weeks ago Walgreens did not know how to set the computers to bypass it for refills already in place. I had never been notified of this previously. If I immediately knew this was going to be a problem I could've contacted the doctor. This occurred on Friday morning when my pain management doctor is not in the office and my regular physician is on vacation until the end of the month. I began rationing what few pills I had left as soon as I heard the news and try contacting anyone to give me some suggestions even asked what over-the-counter drugs would be the best to take to manage my pain. I got little sleep last night as my pain was slowly increasing. I have now gone far over The recommended daily limit for any nonnarcotic NSAIDs. I don't want to destroy my liver simply because Walgreens couldn't figure out which buttons to push. And since I have been on this medication for over 25 years I'm afraid I may even go into a physical withdrawal because they would not fill the refill I legally am entitled to. Of course I may not be sure if it is physical withdrawal or just excruciating pain.

I know I'm not the only person in this position I know other people that I'm afraid maybe in a worse situation than what I am right now.

The pharmacist at the Walgreens in Midland Texas explained to me that the reason they would Dennis was because a lot changed to try and stop people from selling their medication instead of taking it. I do take my medication. I even undergo random urine screening drug test to prove that I'm taking my medication. I have never sold any medication to anyone, even though increasing price the prescriptions has made the thought tempting for some just to be able to keep on the medications they need. If I need to contact in order to file a lawsuit I would. I would love to see a class-action suit against Walgreens regarding this issue. They are putting peoples lives in danger, forcing them to take other routes which may even be illegal to try and control their pain and they are flippant about it when spoke to you on the phone. One young man on the phone told me just take a Tylenol. I pray you never feels the kind of pain this disease is good on me. I thought it was bad when they refused to sell the syringes for my B12 injections when they sold me the bottles of B12. I now know they have no concern for their customers or for the clientele using their prescription services.

Until yesterday, I did not realize that Walgreens was not one big company but conglomeration of separate pharmacies. They advertise that you can have your prescriptions transferred between stores in different areas, this is not the case. I've had problems before but they were minor. Now they tell me that although I live between two states during the year I will not be able to fill my prescriptions at Walgreens at each location. I was told by the pharmacist that they are unable to transfer prescriptions into New Mexico. I live part-time in New Mexico due to my health so I cannot simply stay in the extreme west Texas heat just because walgreens cannot or will not transfer prescriptions. That aren't the ones paying to have a doctor in each state, or paying my travel expenses because I have to come back once a month to fill a prescription. My pain management doctor only writes prescriptions during office visits and although I am totally disabled, I doubt Medicare or my other insurance would cover refill visits once a month. Medicare never covers refill visits, which I find as ridiculous as walgreens services, when those prescriptions might keep medical cost down for Medicare participants.

If anyone Knows how to start a class action suit, or if there is one already started, I would love to be at the first of the line.

I have attempted to add photographic proof to this review, but there is nothing verifying it uploaded.

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Refusal to fulfill a legal prescription due to a computer change and damaging my health from that refusal
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Since Walgreens cannot change the law, they could at least figure a way to fill prescriptions owed and they should be liable for any and all medical bills incurred from this omission. They need to go by there promise as well, and be that "neighborhood p
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Oct 16, 2016 #1227766 Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States

Narcotic Rx's can only be filled and/or refilled w/a hard copy prescription, this is the law. A physician, by law, doesn't have the ability, per DEA regulations, to phone in new or refills on narcotic meds. Given you live out of state, you should have your doctor write you prescriptions for 2 or 3 months at a time. Not sure the time frame between your pain management visits but having your doctor do this would greatly reduce your frustration. Best of luck.

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Nov 21, 2016 #1244114 Long Beach, California, United States


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Jul 14, 2016 #1185244

1-Hydrocodone rescheduling is a federal issue - not Walgreens fault... It's beyond anyonea control
No one magically got a list of which patients to contact who may have a problem with new law.. Hard luck
2- no, you were no longer legally entitled to any refills
Pharmacy is not required by law to change software to accommodate refills.
3- different state laws prevent or limit the types and number of transfers of certain schedules of drugs. Check state specific laws.. They vary greatly
4- syringes are prescription Items in most states.. Even though you had b12, you still need an rx for syringes- your doctor should've given you such rx.. In some states the pharmacist can sell using his judgement but even I wouldn't sell to you because you seem like too much trouble and need to learn to trust pharmacists since they are honest and follow all applicable laws.. Laws which you clearly have no understanding of.. You are not a consumer at a department store.. You are a pharmacy patient and there are different rules you need to abide by to legally obtain your drugs. So get up to date and get used to it

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May 06, 2016 #1155044 Douglasville, Georgia, United States

OMG! 240 on your bottle. Was this a mistake?
Walgreens LOVES to play Doctor which is what caught my attention but your story is amazing.
Don't know if there is a class action suit because of there mass incompetence and power hungry pharmacists but I'm with You, if there should ever be one, I am IN!!!
Hope you have since changed to a local, Mom & Pop Family Pharmacy. Walgreens is good for nothing and why would anyone shop there aside from the pharmacy? Their prices should be against the law and so should their customer service and pharmacist.

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Mar 16, 2016 #1128704

Mmmm-hmmm... Interesting how these "complaints" ALWAYS involve narcotics, never any other kind of meds. I'll side with Walgreens on this one until I see JUST ONE example of this situation occurring with a non-narcotic med.

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May 06, 2016 #1155081 Douglasville, Georgia, United States

As per your invitation, I'm happily giving you an example of this with Non narcotics.
I take multiple seizure meds for partial seizure disorder and also for a rare and painful neuralgia syndrome that NO pain med will work on.
I was treated like a criminal by a temp pharmacist for these meds and also a corticosteroid that I've taken for years. ALL prescribed by 2 Doctors for years and Walgreens had filled for years. Stated she would not fill them without talking to my Doctor first!!! REALLY? Like she knew something they didn't and didn't even bother asking me why I took them. All meds were just recently electronically submitted and had been just recently seen by those Doctors SHE wanted to call. My Doctors would have been insulted not to mention being bothered by her interference. She went as far to state that she wanted to discuss alternatives with them. I was absolutely floored by her audacity to play Doctor. I was not the only customer that experienced this from her on that particular day but I was the WRONG one to do this to.
I have since discussed this with my Doctors and they laughed and said they would not have responded nor cooperated. They both agreed with me and assured me that I was receiving the best combination suited for the complicated neurological issues I have. IF it were Pain meds, I would have not have even questioned her defiant refusal to fill my meds as ordered.
None had interactions and I would have been out before her power play
... Show more

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Nov 21, 2016 #1244117 Long Beach, California, United States

they involve "narcotics" because the subject of them has been made titallating and salacious by law enforcement. The same holds true for the naked human body, in europe nudity is common place, but here oh heaven forbid.... So in the pharmacy the inmature druggist sees a script for vicodin and the *** music in her head starts and she immediately becomes hypersensitive to any little minor detail or violation or error so she can have an excuse to not fill the prescription. just as you tried to display drama and controversy by insinuating that there was a nefarious motive behind every persons efforts to fill a pain med script...... its ridiculous.

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Dec 02, 2015 #1072689 Hudson, Florida, United States

I belong to a Chronic Pain group. As a group most of us never ever go to Walgreen's because of the poor service, lack of communication (on their part) and the suspicious way we are treated because we are chronic pain patients. Buyers beware these are only a few of the reason we try not to use Walgreens. My own Pain Mgmt. physician advises his patients not to use Walgreens. The pharmacies customer service and treatment of true patient is beyond rude. So sad. I use to like them. Not anymore.

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Dec 02, 2015 #1072970

After being given the 5tj degree by an incredibly rude and condescending "kid" for wanting syringes for the B12 injectable I was picking up, I vowed to never use Walgreens pharmacy again and to warn family and friends that they would be better off going elsewhere for any prescription they needed filled.

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May 06, 2016 #1155049 Douglasville, Georgia, United States

I totally agree although I do not get pain meds. This is just the case period and I live in another state.
My physician also does not like Walgreens and told me long ago to consider using another pharmacy. Until a recent experience, I didn't understand why but then learned they LOVE to make useless phone calls to the Dr's office policing people's meds or just trying to in good favor with the Dr.s offices. They have no clue it does the opposite. Doctor's offices do not want to be constantly bothered by a Pharmacist playing Doctor.

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Nov 10, 2015 #1061632

Yeah it's not the pharmacies problem. Try to keep up to date with your prescriptions as they are controlled substances. Walgreen's is not your baby sitter.

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Jun 12, 2016 #1172259 Roseville, Michigan, United States

What? I am up to date with my prescriptions as I visit my specialist twice monthly for Lupus and a litany of other autoimmune diseases. I really don't understand your absurd comment. I am filling a complaint with the State of Michigan Pharmacutical Board ,against the pharmacy and the pharmacist involved. Please educate yourself before posting comments.

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Jun 20, 2015 #997462 Stockton, California, United States

This entire post is completely rediculous. This is not the fault of a pharmacy, patients and doctors were notified of the law changes. You can't blame a Pharmacist for the law. And walgreens is not a franchise. ....totally absurd.

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Jun 12, 2016 #1172264 Roseville, Michigan, United States

The law had nothing to do with the treatment that I was subjected to. The horrendous treatment from a part time drugstore employee,was all because of discretionary power given to said employee. Trust me, customer service and corporate were not pleased with the behavior of one of their employees. Nor were they pleased that a complaint was filed with the State of Michigan Pharmacutical Board, and I they lost a good customer (to the tune of $16,000.00 dollars in less than 24 months)not including my immediate family members prescriptions. Who knows how much we've spent while waiting for prescriptions to be filled. Please know what you're commenting on.

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Jun 17, 2015 #996339 Country Club Hills, Illinois, United States

The laws changed all over the country on October 1st. There is no way to override the system because it is illegal. The pharmacist would lose their license and their job. I regularly take the same prescription. 240 pills per month is not allowed. 120 is ok. You just get a higher dosage. For example, if you take 5/325, switch to half as many pills of 10/325. This is because people do sell pills. The amount of Tylenol is too high for your liver if you take that many pills. I'd be looking for a new pain doc. Mine had signs up for a year informing patients of the changes and that you need paper prescriptions as of Oct 1st. No refills are allowed. It's your ignorance, not Walgreen's fault.

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Jun 12, 2016 #1172269 Roseville, Michigan, United States

Nothing concerning my circumstances had anything to do with the law. The pharmacist was just using her "discretionary power" to deny filling a prescription. The cost of her actions was that Walgreens lost a huge amount of money, a centure from the State of Michigan and hopefully her job. I had to follow through with my complaint, as I don't want anyone else to be subjected to such a devistating experience. I will continue to use social media and whatever means available, to make sure people are aware of Walgreens policies.

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Apollo passenger

Apr 06, 2015 #968643 Houston, Texas, United States

I'm completely lost on this issue. This is one of those issues that really needs to be nationally debated with the citizens. Their reason behind this is that there is 30,000 deaths a year from opiate pain medication overdoses. There is 2.5 million alcohol related deaths a year. 480,000 tobacco related deaths a year in u.s. When my 70 year old mother who is ate up with arthritis goes to the doctor to get her pills it's like the doctor looks and quenching his mouth like " should I give it to her or not" then why the *** shouldn't gas attendance go thru the same thing. Make a dude whose just getting a six pack b scrutinized the same way. Or the post 50 citizen wanting smokes. I'm not worried about some kid gettin hooked on Percocet. I'm worried about the drunk killing my family. I'm tired of this hypocrisy and it must end. There is more people suffering from being scrutinized who need it than people being addicted. Come on man

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Feb 28, 2015 #952298

You should really know the law before you post something like this.

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Nov 05, 2014 #895985

The pharmacist didn't deny you anything. On Oct. 6, 2014 all medications containing hydrocodone went from schedule 3 to schedule 2. This was done by the FDA, not Walgreens or any other company. This makes the laws more strict in 2 major ways because they can no longer be phoned or faxed in (unless for hospice) and there cannot be any refills. This means that any Rx written prior to Oct 6 that has been filled before with refills remaining would be void. I know it's an inconvenience, but it's the new law. I see people in pain the past few weeks because of it and feel bad, but not bad enough to risk my license. One piece of advice though is to ask for your doctor to write multiple prescriptions and post-date them for their intended use date when you go to your office visits. They can't write refills but they can give you multiple prescriptions so you don't have to come in each month

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Nov 09, 2014 #897412

best reply. its hard to get someone calmed down enough to explain this. in a big city where most want it done in 5 mins and they are addicted. (yes those drugs are additive drugs) not saying to deny them just want people to relies that technically if you have been a drug for more than a year its hard to quit cold turkey. hence you are an addict. i feel in a few years these laws will cause people, doctors and pharmacist to really think about what drugs people are taking and why. like if you take a drug for knee pain could you do surgery/physical therapy to fix it? or is the dose to high? or start people on a "lower" drug?

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