Walgreens playing doctor is destroying my health!!

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I thought it was bad when Walgreens could not even transcribe a prescription correctly for the label on the bottle, they have shown they are even more inept at the pharmaceutical business.

I tried contacting Walgreens yesterday to get a refill on a long-standing prescription, for the narcotic Hydrocodine. I knew there was one refill left on the prescription that I had not filled yet. After hours of being refused a refill, I was finally told that the reason was because when the law changed about three weeks ago Walgreens did not know how to set the computers to bypass it for refills already in place. I had never been notified of this previously. If I immediately knew this was going to be a problem I could've contacted the doctor. This occurred on Friday morning when my pain management doctor is not in the office and my regular physician is on vacation until the end of the month. I began rationing what few pills I had left as soon as I heard the news and try contacting anyone to give me some suggestions even asked what over-the-counter drugs would be the best to take to manage my pain. I got little sleep last night as my pain was slowly increasing. I have now gone far over The recommended daily limit for any nonnarcotic NSAIDs. I don't want to destroy my liver simply because Walgreens couldn't figure out which buttons to push. And since I have been on this medication for over 25 years I'm afraid I may even go into a physical withdrawal because they would not fill the refill I legally am entitled to. Of course I may not be sure if it is physical withdrawal or just excruciating pain.

I know I'm not the only person in this position I know other people that I'm afraid maybe in a worse situation than what I am right now.

The pharmacist at the Walgreens in Midland Texas explained to me that the reason they would Dennis was because a lot changed to try and stop people from selling their medication instead of taking it. I do take my medication. I even undergo random urine screening drug test to prove that I'm taking my medication. I have never sold any medication to anyone, even though increasing price the prescriptions has made the thought tempting for some just to be able to keep on the medications they need. If I need to contact in order to file a lawsuit I would. I would love to see a class-action suit against Walgreens regarding this issue. They are putting peoples lives in danger, forcing them to take other routes which may even be illegal to try and control their pain and they are flippant about it when spoke to you on the phone. One young man on the phone told me just take a Tylenol. I pray you never feels the kind of pain this disease is good on me. I thought it was bad when they refused to sell the syringes for my B12 injections when they sold me the bottles of B12. I now know they have no concern for their customers or for the clientele using their prescription services.

Until yesterday, I did not realize that Walgreens was not one big company but conglomeration of separate pharmacies. They advertise that you can have your prescriptions transferred between stores in different areas, this is not the case. I've had problems before but they were minor. Now they tell me that although I live between two states during the year I will not be able to fill my prescriptions at Walgreens at each location. I was told by the pharmacist that they are unable to transfer prescriptions into New Mexico. I live part-time in New Mexico due to my health so I cannot simply stay in the extreme west Texas heat just because walgreens cannot or will not transfer prescriptions. That aren't the ones paying to have a doctor in each state, or paying my travel expenses because I have to come back once a month to fill a prescription. My pain management doctor only writes prescriptions during office visits and although I am totally disabled, I doubt Medicare or my other insurance would cover refill visits once a month. Medicare never covers refill visits, which I find as ridiculous as walgreens services, when those prescriptions might keep medical cost down for Medicare participants.

If anyone Knows how to start a class action suit, or if there is one already started, I would love to be at the first of the line.

I have attempted to add photographic proof to this review, but there is nothing verifying it uploaded.

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Refusal to fulfill a legal prescription due to a computer change and damaging my health from that refusal
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Since Walgreens cannot change the law, they could at least figure a way to fill prescriptions owed and they should be liable for any and all medical bills incurred from this omission. They need to go by there promise as well, and be that "neighborhood p
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Nov 09, 2014 #897520

Walgreens told me initially there was an April deadline for full changes to take affect, and that only the corporate pharmacies were deleting standing refills, but smaller ones were still honoring them refills. The pharmacist said it was a corporate decision because computer changes would be too difficult to over write to keep the significant number of refills for consumers on file. I have read over the law some, but I realize corporations are interested in the bottom line much more than the people they serve.
I can understand somewhat why the was enacted, I have had my own medication stolen, had "friends" ask to borrow and even buy pills from me. I have seen the effects of what it can do in my own family (sadly learning that my brother could pick a sentry safe lock to get at them). I also saw him die because of his addiction. But not all who are on pain meds are addicts or abusing them, and that should have been more thoroughly researched as hot to implement the law to restrict those things and "pill clinics".
My pain management doctor did write me post dated prescriptions, because he knows me and myhealth history. I went through urine drug screens to prove I was taking the medication in the prescribed amount, and have never asked for early fills even when I have had my medication stolen. I would never expect or want anyone to risk their license, as I know I certainly would not risk mine if it wasn't retired.
I appreciate my doctor writing the post
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Nov 09, 2014 #897528

Since you seem to know corporate regulations as they apply to law, then maybe you can explain why walgreens will fill my B12 vials yet deny selling me syringes for injections? They deny quite a bit, even showing human dignity to consumers.

1 3 Reply

Jan 27 #1101501

I Love your insensitivity and lack of compassion for those that are suffering and in pain you must either be a doctor or pharmacist who's been sued or who's been in trouble or like most pain doctors people become addicted because doctors are glorified drug dealers!!! EVIL EVIL EVIL

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Jun 12 #1172270 Roseville, Michigan, United States

Yes,the pharmacist did deny filling my legitimate written ,up to date prescription that could have been filled 10 days ago. I see specialist twice a month for Lupus and a long list of autoimmune diseases. My granddaughter has Lupus and Sjorgens Syndrome also, and was with me when I was treated in such a sickening, and abusive manner. For a 15 year old, who has already lost her teeth and hair to autoimmune disease,to witness such a degrading display, by a so called professional was devistating. We have both suffered from others ignorance for long enough. I hope that everyone guilty of such horrendous policies ,will be dealt with accordingly. Being chronically ill is frightening enough, being treated like a criminal is intolerable.

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your life

Nov 01, 2014 #893820

you're are not the only one in the world. people miss use the drugs. doctors over prescript the drugs (how many and dosage). yes the pharmacists is there for you. their job is a check and balance of the medication area for your health. the new laws are made for both miss use and over prescribing of those drugs (mostly miss use). you should have someone questioning your doctor. you didn't go to school to be one nor to be a pharmacists. question everything! its your life not theirs!

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Nov 03, 2014 #894729

Never said I was the only one, in fact my concern is even greater for those who are immobile and unable to go to a doctor monthly for a new scrip to be written. My pain management doctor also has this concern. For the past 20 years I have seen one doctor for help in controlling the pain of Multiple Sclerosis. I have tried a multitude of other non narcotic treatments, and I do look out for my health far beyond anyone else involved iny treatment.
By the way, I did go to school and am trained in the medical field. I spent 15 years working emergency medicine and intensive care before the effects of MS forced me into retirement at which time I returned to college for a degree in forensic psychology (largely because of the number of people I had seen over the years misusing and abusing prescription medications.

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Nov 09, 2014 #897415

than why didnt you know about the new laws?

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Nov 09, 2014 #897507

Probably because I was out of touch in a remote area with no television, radio or newspapers for the 5 months prior to the law being passed and going into effect. Although I found out in the Friday after returning, and about the April deadline that was supposed to let people have time to get things arranged so they would not be left in the situation. Most people have no clue what it means to be off grid and truly remote because they are far too accustomed to having the things most expect - electricity, phone, water from a tap etc. And as for medications, I had always made arrangements to return when I needed to see a doctor or needed something I could not provide for myself, but perhaps this is just a way to see how self-sustainable I can be. In 1996, I was diagnosed with MS and prognosis was a wheelchair by 1999, I have by the grace of God avoided that, and other than the pain control (and yes MS for some people is incredibly painful, like your body and every nerve on fire). MMJ is a much better solution, and not because I am some "*** fiend", but because it works.

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Oct 27, 2014 #891283

Thanks for posting. I believe your post will help others who are being viewed as addicts. They actually told my husband to wait 5 days for blood pressure medication. I never heard of anyone abusing blood pressure medication. They have overstepped their boundaries. If my husband needs medication or if my child needs a different antibiotic because the first one caused an allergic reaction, I don't need Walgreens questioning me or our physician.

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Nov 01, 2014 #893821

silly human that will die because you believe everything a doctor tells you. what was the reason they denied to script? i bet b/c you went into too early. for non control drugs its like 7 day before you "run out" for control its like 3 days "before you run out". so you must of tried 12 days early. so either you took too many or sold them or were shorted. and your child will die if your health workers dont know he's allergic to something. wow some people are selfish.

3 6 Reply

Nov 02, 2014 #894349

It's not about being selfish or silly, it's about using common sense, being transparent, and/or changing policies. I checked my husband's prescription b/c I was appalled that my husband had to come back for his blood pressure medicine. It was LESS than 7 days of needing to be refilled. I understand their apprehension regarding controlled medication. However, customers who consistently use the same pharmacy, use the same physician, and have medical insurance should not be turned away IF it's less than 7 days. If someone consistently filled their medication early, I believe the insurance companies would prevent the medication from being filled (they're in the business to cut costs).
As far as our child, I gave that as an example. Years ago, our 2nd son had an allergic reaction to an antibiotic and we immediately sought emergency assistance. The ER doctor prescribed a different antibiotic. With Walgreen's new policy, there may have been an issue because we just had the medication filled.

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Nov 04, 2014 #895380

Silly- are you implying you aren't human? Your lack of human empathy is only surpassed by your lack of intelligence.
Just to let you know - not every person who takes prescription pain medication abuses it or misuses it. Some, like myself, actually have a medical disorder or disease that requires intervention for pain just so they can feel and contribute and take part in life.
I feel bad for those who use pain medication as a mental and emotional numbing agent or those who have become addicted to what they thought a doctor was giving them to help for a short time.
And I feel bad for people like you whose minds are so closed they have become warped. I would hate to think you are older than 12 or 13 years old, because your statements and inability to read, could only come from a child or an incredibly immature person.
Have a blessed day!

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Jun 12 #1172278 Roseville, Michigan, United States

My prescription could have been filled 12 days earlier,you have no idea what you're talking about. Walgreens corporate and the State of Michigan Pharmacutical Board agree with me. If you have no knowledge on a subject,please refrain from commenting.

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Jun 12 #1172280 Roseville, Michigan, United States

You are incredibly ***. I can't believe someone would comment on a discussion that they are so ignorant about. It is devistating enough to suffer with an incurable, hideous disease ,please do some homework before subjecting others to such ridiculous comments.

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Nov 03, 2014 #894732

It is scary when a corporation has control over medications and can make or change decisions that were made by a physician. I'm sorry you had to deal with this kind of problem, but sadly I don't see it ever improving.

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Nov 09, 2014 #897414

i dont know...i kind of want my doctor and pharmacist on the same page. if they disagree with each other i find out why. are you implying walgreens "makes" pharmacist deny people? my understanding is the pharmacist has the "last call" when dispensing meds. (at their pharmacy when on shift) i know my pharmacist has called my doctor asking for the reason i was on a drug. (he thought a different one might work better) just trying to understand your comment

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Feb 20, 2015 #948603

Walgreens, as I was told by their pharmacist when I tried to order the refill showing on record, told me Walgreens had decided to go ahead and institute the law although there was a grace period for clients to get whatever they needed straight with their prescribing physician. This was what their pharmacist told me, and when I researched his statement I found an April date initially projected for the law go take affect, but found other conflicting information about the law. I know better than to believe everything I'm told or hear or read, but I did try to find the truth by all means available to me.
Because the pharmacist stated Walgreens and some other large pharmacies has opted to change the law but I probably could still get any refills I had at small local pharmacies, I see that Walgreens overriding the consumers needs for their own convenience makes them the responsible party. Has they stayed with whatever grace period there was instead of making it immediate, I would have gotten the refill and in the mean time seen my pain management doctor to find a solution. He did have a somewhat solution but still requires info to see him every two months instead of the three in the past. For some people that's not a problem, for me the physical stress just in getting out of the house and getting to a doctors office can be an ordeal that takes another week to get over just to be functioning.
Hope that helps you understand what I mean when I say it was Walgreens. I
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Apollo passenger

Apr 06, 2015 #968676 Houston, Texas, United States

If you use the exact same doctor, that pharmacist responsibility is to count pills. That's it. They are not mds

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Mar 04 #1122237

Actually the technicians count the pills. The pharmacists are there to make sure your prescription is correct, doesn't interact with any other medication you're taking and to make sure that, you know, your doctor hasn't prescribed something that could potentially kill you. Not all doctors know as much about prescription medications as you think they do.

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