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We checked out the reviews online before we visited Hawaii from Europe. The reality of the shopping experience at Waikiki Shopping Plaza, or variety of stores, did not match the reviews on Facebook.

Shoppers beware - the Starbucks coffee tables At Waikiki Shopping Plaza were filthy. As you walk into the main entrance, filthy Starbucks tables greet you, followed by 2 sales reps for a vacation club that told us we do not qualify because we are from Europe!! Very UNWELCOMING experience at Waikiki Shopping Plaza. The blue uniformed, bald headed security guard at Waikiki Shopping Plaza, was busy flirting with the shop assistants, while we were trying to ask the assistants questions.

This bald headed security guard actually scowled at us when we were trying to get the retail assistants attention. Wow, sorry to interrupt the security guard's flirting time. Did not realize we were intruding on his social life while he was at work!! This security guard's attitude towards us, plus the overall lack of merchandise at Waikiki Shopping Plaza, lead us to write this review about our frustrating experience and wasted our vacation time at Waikiki Shopping Plaza The shops merchandise seem to cater to many Japanese clients, so if you are a Caucasian you may not find the size or variety that suits your lifestyle.

The Japanese restaurants - "food court" at the basement level was not open, and the whole 3 floors of space we toured seemed empty except for the restrooms!! The reviews on Facebook, atached in the photo below, has glowing reviews. But suspicious that not one review shared what they bought, or what store they like, but spoke in general of the building instead? IS this a social media company hired by Waikiki Shopping Plaza?

What did these reviewers buy at Waikiki Shopping Plaza?

No one shared what they bought at Waikiki Shopping Plaza!! Phony reviews to draw unsuspecting tourists into Waikiki Shopping Plaza???

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Waikiki Shopping Plaza Pros: Convenience of location.

Waikiki Shopping Plaza Cons: False promises and security guard attitude, Facebook reviews seemed fake.

Location: 2250 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815, USA

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Leighton Mau has a minimum wage "chain" around the apes he brought back from his african safari. Then he gave them a uniform so they can have status on Plantation island , then a radio.

Now these african safari toys are called "security guards" waiting for the white man to tell them what to do. Auweee, Hawaii still back in the 18th century, just visit Waikiki shopping Plaza. Plantation mindset management with tamed animals for security.

Bring your cameras to film them in action.!! More entertaining than monk seals !!


For Shame on the Mau Family that owns Waikiki Shopping Plaza for perpetuating an "island plantation " mentality by hiring those "Uncle tom" security personnel for both those building. Typical of Hawaii and its "plantation mentality" roots - these "Uncle Tom's" as security and their masters still walk around like they "DA Boss Man".

Everything you hear about Hawaii, its low wages, lack of educated work force, menial jobs, and a top down system is on full and ugly display with the way the building owners manage the retail properties here. Low traffic and the retailers are tied into leases they cant get out of.

What a disgrace and typical of the Hawaii Asset=based mindset while they stare at Google and Apple's stock in shock. Hawaii is seriously a 3rd world country in the USA !


Those reviews on facebook are paid for by the property managers of Waikiki Shopping Plaza....may ruin the rent if the truth got out. And the truth simply is: Smelly food court downstairs wafting up to the ground floor like a cheap fish market.

Rude and antagonistic Security - walking lawsuits waiting to happen.

Retail tenants paying overpriced rent for Low to NO traffic. Its a dump and a Covid-19 incubator at Waikiki Shopping Plaza.


You all are wasting your time complaining about Waikiki Shopping Plaza, its property managers or employees. Its Hawaii, the state still lost in the 20th century.

No merit necessary fopr promotion, just inherit the land or buildings that their parents build decades ago, hire a property manager and the owners spend time chasing tourists or locals. Building matter more than people. Its that kind of a shallow place. Hawaii was never built on intellectual capital and human talent.

Its all about land, and the corruption of officials and the dominance of Unions and state employees. Gotta be dumber than volcano ash to move here or live here.


AVOID this place - shops are closed, dark and gloomy atmosphere. Place at least smells better now that the Japanese restaurants are closed Feel bad for the retail merchants renting there - low foot traffic, reduced capacity - love the Royal Hawaiian - outdoors and breezy.


Place has the energy of a Morgue and smells like Dead Fish. Tiny retail shops that are struggling to survive with this COVID-19 Pandemic. No Thanks, healthier outdoor shopping malls elsewhere in Waikiki.


Small retail stores - feel bad for the owners that rented their locations from Waikiki Shopping Plaza. Tight and cramped stores are covid019 breeding grounds, with new mandates from City and county of Honolulu - tough to make it.

Get out of that Waikiki Shopping Plaza Lease....recovery will take more than 3 years. Until tourists fly - Kalakaua is a ghost town full of past illusions. Get out of Waikiki Shopping Plaza!

Why do you think the owners of Waikiki Shopping Plaza had Skyy closed ?? Save your cash


The owners of Waikiki Shopping Plaza must be horribly ashamed of themselves or skins thicker than cowhide!! to employ such rude employees is a joke !!

Only in Hawaii because of location , location, location?

Disgusting leadership, pretentious Skye Waikiki, and a very inauthentic ALOHA experience. Get some employee training on etiquette for Skye Waikiki and those bulldogs you hired that wear blue shirt security guards and cheap suits at night as bouncers for Skye Waikiki...really...TASTELESS CLASSLESS


Smart Locals dont visit Waikiki Shopping Plaza. Mostly for Japanese visitors or that noodle place downstairs that smell like fish.

High Rent low traffic. Retailer nightmare. Luck you only visiting or parking, otherwise you may think bad and rude service is the norm.

Not true. Bad service only at Waikiki Shopping Plaza and language challenged retailers.


Facebook reviews on Waikiki Shopping Plaza are fakes - those who post likely didnt even shop there. IF so, what did they buy?

IF they did buy - why in the world would they buy at Waikiki Shopping Plaza?

Much better quality and prices at Duke's Lane, Royal Hawaiian or Ala Moana Shopping Center. Please vote with your feet.

Better coffee than Starbucks at Waikiki Shopping Plaza across the street at Island Cafe, better service and there is no sulking security guard in a blue shirt staring at you when you are having too much fun?

The tall bald security guard there is guarding a tomb of the "Unknown Shopper" at Waikiki Shopping Plaza. Stabbings and thieves lurk around Waikiki Shopping Plaza.

Waikiki Shopping Plaza is a graveyard compared to Royal Hawaiian Shopping Plaza or Ala Moana.


Beware of the streets that are around Waikiki Shopping Plaza such as Royal Hawaiian, Seaside. There have been a lot of stabbings in Waikiki in October 2017, no need to be around that area or for that matter anywhere near Waikiki Shopping Plaza.

Security at Waikiki Shopping Plaza is useless as you can tell with the stabbings, search online for details. Security are more interest in that lousy Skyy Bar at Waikki Business and Shopping Plaza.


Looks like local residents have experienced the unpleasant demeanor and attitude at "Waikiki Shopping Plaza". They have a "spend money at Waikiki Shopping Plaza - Customers exist for out Tenants attitude" - classic Plantation Mentality they call that on the islands.

I went to graduate school at UH-Manoa in social studies, and Waikiki Shopping Plaza has NO ALOHA at all!! Tourists from Australia and Europe - stay away from Waikiki Shopping Plaza, visit Ala Moana Shopping Center instead for a better experience.

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