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We are Swiss Tourists and own a Convention and Event Planning business in Geneva. We have travelled all over the world, and love Hawaii.

We believe in top class and service and very shocked at service in Waikiki What we saw at Waikiki Shopping Plaza on 2250 Kalakaua Ave, has changed our minds about hosting meetings at the Sheraton Waikiki. Not one but 3 members of our group were harassed by the security at Waikiki Shopping Plaza for "Laughing too loud" ?? This black security guard raised his eyebrows and tilted his head as if disapproving our enjoyment of our travels and vacation. This black and bald security guard at Waikiki Shopping Plaza, looked at us like disapproving pet owners when dog make a mess.

We were just having coffee and cleaned our own Starbucks tables, before we sat down. So we were helping to keep this place clean. We were told by the Concierge at the Sheraton Waikiki, to report our treatment there as well as at the SKYY bar where we went for drinks. We were told these two building owned by the same property Management.

How you say, not ALOHA service here. WE felt like we were there for THEIR PLEASURE and just TOOLS to be used by Waikiki Shopping Plaza. Will report to Hawaii Visitors Bureau of our treatment at Waikiki Shopping Plaza on Kalakaua Rd.

High prices, RUDE service from Security and Management. Customers treated like servants.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $150.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Waikiki Shopping Plaza Cons: Security guard attitude, Management at skyy bar.

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You Americans call the security people at Waikiki Shopping Plaza " Jungle Bunnies" w caste americans without education to serve as eyes and ears of their masters, yes? We have low caste types too in India, the untouchables.

Doomed to do menial jobs, very sad.

But considering this is America with lots of opportunities, the Negroes working at Waikiki Shopping Plaza must have come from slave lineage. Still waiting for the man with the white horse to feed them and tell them what to do on the Plantation ?


Hawaii's Plantation "wage slaves" from the African Continent. Leighton brought them back on a ship and collared them with minimum wage, better than eating bananas , now they eat at McDonald's.

Big step up for those who find shelter in the big man's plantation, with no education, just muscle that wont pay a mortgage. Wage slave with a badge in a blue shirt made in china.

Must be moving up in the world for the security guards at Waikiki Shopping Plaza - a dive and a ripoff for retail merchants. !


Leighton Mau, owner of Waikiki Shopping Plaza which he inherited on the backs of his parents astute business sense, is the President of that Building. Supposedly he went on an african safari, liked what he saw on Safari, and hired the best look alike for his security personnel at Waikiki Shopping Plaza.

What do they say about trust fund babies - lots of money,but not a lot of ....... I would like to fill in the blanks with words like TASTE, CLASS, SOPHISTICATION, CULTURE, COURTESY,. Instead the words most appropriate for the management of Waikiki Shopping Plaza and its personnel are: ARROGANT, DISTASTEFUL, PLANTATION MINDSET, OLD SCHOOL, NOT Politically Correct, my way or the highway or Just plan isolated and dumb when compared to the rest of the world.

Having High end Retail stores does not make Waikiki Waikiki Shopping Plaza , a high end place. Just ask the folks that are glad that Sky Waikiki and Top of Waikiki is no longer a fixture - Just ugly Concrete with no taste and class.


Waikiki shopping Plaza needs to get the exterminators in to get rid of the rats scurrying around !! Shame on the property managers Arlene Dezellum and staff.

Get the job done!

Its bad enough the retail spaces are tight with poor circulation for Covid-19. It is terrible when rats scurry around faster than security can keep the homeless out !!!


Place is a cemetery. Dead traffic, lifeless retail.

These poor retailers were sold a bill of goods by the property managers of waikiki shopping plaza. Empty shell with zombie bodyguards in cheap clothes and dumb looks.

Dont they do a background check on these security personnel? They look like they are moonlighting after their shift at Halawa Correctional Facility!!


Security at Waikiki Shopping Plaza are dogs. If we catch them without a mask we will call the cops on them.

Useless high school graduates with small minds and small bald heads. Playing with Covid-19 fire if you go into Waikiki Shopping Plaza's retail shops or restaurants. Mall ecurity on the mainland are so much better trained and customer friendly. Not going to this "Shopping Plaza in Waikiki " again .

Prefer the Royal Hawaiian . Security there looks cleaner.


Waikiki Shopping Plaza Security - Under Hawaii State Law : §16-97-16 Powers and duties of private detectives and guards; standards of conduct. - " No private detective or guard shall interrogate, question, or in any way abuse the civil rights of a person arrested, detained, or found on the premises which are being guarded" Report these guard dogs at Waikiki Shopping Plaza for any civil rights violations .

They are easy to spot. Guards wear blue shirts, look bored and stupid, bald, black bullies


Hope they laid off all the bald headed high school dropouts that they hired as security. Place smells and Covid-19 has hit Sky Waikiki and the shopping Plaza - small elevators, tight retail spaces, place smells - though the japanese restaurants are closed. Stay away from Waikiki Shopping Plaza - for a healthy life!


Bizarre environment and shopping center. Shopping for souvenirs and this Place smells like dead fish!!

Right on Kalakaua, waikiki shopping plaza just reeks. Stake fish with with your Frappuccino?? Obnoxious, ill mannered security...where do they find these guys? Did security guards at Waikiki Shopping Plaza on Kalakaua just escaped from prison or did they just get fired by the warden?

Check out the complaints before you set up your retail shop here.

Whew! Stink!


Waikiki shopping Plaza has an unsavory smell that floats up to the retail shopping level. Makes for a nasty shopping experience at waikiki shopping plaza.

That and the arrogant property managers and the uneducated bald high school graduates in keystone cop blue uniforms and bouncers at Skye Waikiki makes this a disjointed distasteful shopping experience. Sephora and boiled fish heads don’t go together.

Neither do the “la cool” security that are ill mannered and rude. Waikiki shopping plaza is a retail disaster, but perfect for Expedia and tour companies.


Waikiki Shopping Plaza on Kalakaua in Waikiki has a foul smell from those restaurants downstairs in the evening. Owners may someday wake up and do something about how WIkiki Shopping Plaza stinks up the Seaside and Kalakaua intersection.

Or get rid of those bald mongrel security guards at the same time in those prison guard blue uniforms. Shopping Plaza is a joke, total trap for unsuspecting Japanese tourists.

Bad food foul environment lousy service rude security and a terrible Skyy night club at top of Waikiki. Just follow the fish smell,,, belch!!!


Foul smelling place, no matter how they dress up SKYY Waikiki and the revolving restaurant on Kalakaua, the stench from bad food at Waikiki Shopping Plaza will greet you when you show up. Thats aside from the Keystone Cop security guys in bad suits at SKYY or the blue uniform tin badges that cant qualify for the police academy barking at people like they are guarding diamonds.

Feel bad for the merchants at Waikiki Shopping Plaza, the stench, the anti-social behavior of the security, the oblivious property managers and with royal Hawaiian Shopping Center right across the street, best to move along and take a pass of the Waikiki Shopping Plaza. Sephora must be having a fit, nothing like great make-up and the stench of fish following you around.


We understand from the locals that Skyy waikiki is owned by the same people as Waikiki Shopping Plaza. We had a pleasant experience at Skyy for happy hour.

Our observations and personal experience of Waikiki Shopping Plaza, was extremely unpleasant. Language issues with the shop owners or retail clerks. A security guy in a blue uniform kept looking at us with his head slanted like we were ruffians because we were having a good laugh. We walked a long Way from the Hilton Village to Waikiki shopping Plaza and truly believe the employees there have lost Hawaii’s famous ALOHA spirit.

The bald security guy was there again on Friday evening at Skyy, with a cheap suit and an an arrogant attitude, that reflects his occupation as a bouncer and station in life. One of the Yanks we were with said that bald security guy is famous in waikiki for being both an “Uncle Tom” and an “Uncle *** The security at Waikiki Shopping Plaza has a serious attitude and could use some manners, Is this what is known as an overseer mentality from the plantation days of old Hawaii?? That bald security guy and his equally poorly dressed minions, with the cheap suit or a blue shirt and a $2 tin badge, has the plantation overseer attitude down, with his head cocked to one side and walking around like he owns the place ( NOT ! ) ...versus an hourly job with a dead end future.???

The owners of the establishment could well do to train his employees to reflect their station in life. Paying customers for Skyy and Waikiki Shopping Plaza deserve a better experience than we experienced from the attitude, guard dog mentality, an service that lets face an hourly job for uneducated people with few prospects for advancement. America is a great place, just not the best shopping and coffee experience at Waikiki Shopping Plaza with untrained and uneducated staff worthy of a finer establishment.

Shame on the owners. Waikiki Shopping plaza with language, security guard attitude, and smell of old food is not worth the time , even to stop to browse or coffee.


Sky Waikiki - Revolving Bar and Restaurant. Same owners as Waikiki Shopping Plaza and management with attitude, clients at SKYY Waikiki -revolving bar are known as " trying a little too hard to be seen as hip" - wannabe's from a different century.

Los Angeles is Cool, Sydney is cool - Sky bar in waikiki ?

Flip flop casual with a cheap suit on uneducated staff and security. Did these security guys really buy their suits at men's warhorse or salvation Army???

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