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Okay so I went to cut off my service on the 9th, due to my internet getting cut off,..on the 8th they billed me for an entire month of service. I cancelled the service,..however they still are billing me for the entire month of March. They wouldn't just pro-rate the day of the ninth,...they hit me for the entire month.

Their reason,..its an auto billing payment cycle.

Seems to me if a customer calls on the ninth and cancels the service,...I owe them one to two days of service at a pro-rated daily amount. they didnt agree. Now I'm stuck with no internet,...and a monthly charge for a phone I cannot use anyways. REALLLLLLLLLLLLY *** I was seriously considering restarting my account once I got a new ISP,.. after this,...yeah riiiiight. Don't think so.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vonage Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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Pissed consumer. Com wanted an update on my issue with vontage, ....

so my update is this,...

I am no longer a vontage customer. Sorry they lost my business!

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