Vancouver, British Columbia
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Subscribed to Vonages vocalocity service for 2 lines and paid $100 Setup Fee. Setup went fine however, within a period of 3 days since activation, we uncovered a major flaw which says that Vonage does not have E911 Service in Canada.

Checked the website and the quote from the rep and verified that the service is refundable if cancellation is done within 30 days. On the 4th day, Called Rep and Customer Service who showed me another link containing another Vonage contract which was for vocalocity which says the fees are non refundable. It just *** me off why these large companies get by with horrible customer service and that Vonage is acting in bad faith by not allowing their service to be refundable since they are an Internet company and it is in good faith that they should return the money if the service has not met Customer needs.

Also, the website is confusing and misleading. I am posting this for all Canadians to know and avoid choosing Vonage as their VOIP carrier!

Product or Service Mentioned: Vonage Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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