Customer Service has to be the worst on the planet

You are lied to over and over again about receiving help.

You are put on hold for infinity. No one calls you back. Much negativity has already been posted.

I Agree with it.

After making 5 calls, spending 2 weeks waiting for a return call and being transferred to empty space,

I give Vonage a minus *** the area of any type of

Care, customer or otherwise.

They say they care about you as a customer, but I think its just part of the script they read from.

if they really cared, it would not be so many of the

same kind of complaints listed in this forum and other forums.

Just wish I had done a background review brefore signing up with them. This site is now a top search site for me. Thanks for being here.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vonage Customer Care.

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Please everyone don't believe in vonage they lie. The costumer service are liars they don't care about costumers they only care about the money.

I HATE vonage with all my heart an I hope vonage can go to ***. They are getting money from my debit card eventhough I already cancel my account.

I just want to say please don't get vonage you will regreat it all your life. Vonage kiss my ***.


oh yess..

Vonage has a "no fee for cancelling" policy. Yet buried way down in that huge scroll of terms, they do indeed charge you a $40.00 fee on top of your monthly fees for cancelling early.

Even the Better Business Bureau could not get them to reverse this deceptive practice. Would not give business to this overtly fraudulent company.


I too experienced problems with vonage. I called to cancel in February was told since I was a good customer they would keep my service active til April 15, then cancel it.

On April 16th they attempted to charge my debit card.

I called customer service and was given the run around, told them to check the notes as I was told it would be cancelled, they insisted I needed to pay for a month's service, I contacted customer service & informed them that I was contacting the state attorney general's office and the better business bureau, since I was sure they had pulled this on others in my state, this is all it took to get them to cancel service and cancel the false charges. My advice is to watch vonage.

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