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I call the promotion person in the middle of September 2014 and I use my husband credit card but the account is under my name. I received the box is like a wireless but I can hooked up to my house internet.

And the vonage company charge to my husband credit card $29.99. But I call the technical support how to use it in the middle of October 2014 and this technician he don't help me out good and I tell him to transfer me to the billing customer so I can cancel my account but the technician said is already taking care. So in that time I'm nothing to worried about billing me for the future. But this month of November 2014 they charge to my credit card for $42.00 and I call them again.

Why they charge me for $42.00 and why my account is not terminated and why the billing account or credit card is transferred? By the way this woman I speak with she said I have one year subscription from the vonage and my account is not cancel. That's make me so mad because I don't even use the vonage to international call and the technician I speak with on the middle of October he don't taking care my cancellation and he don't transfer me to the people or billing customer to cancel my account. And now they want me to pay the early termination fee for $80.00 or more than that.

I don't trust this company. Vonage customer service is not good.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vonage Technical Support.

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