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I called on May 30th to schedule a cancellation for my account. The billing cycle was due to end on May 16th, and I needed my phone to work through then. I was told that schedule a cancellation was impossible, and that I would need to call back around the actual date of the 16th. I called the first business day after my billing cycle ended, on Monday morning. I spoke to one agent who told me that I SHOULD have been able to schedule a cancellation, and he was sorry for the misinformation. I was told he could refund me half of the next month's charges, but not the full amount. (Keep in mind this was less than 2 full days into the new cycle, the cycle ended on a weekend, AND I had not used the phone to make even one call after the 16th.)

In speaking to his supervisor to try to get the full amount refunded, I was told I needed to "take half the responsibility" for my failure to call in again before the 16th. I explained that wasn't communicated to me clearly "” after all, if I couldn't schedule a cancellation on the June 16th when calling on May 30th, why on earth would I be able to schedule a cancellation for the 16th on any other date prior? They wanted me to call ON the date at the end of my billing cycle, and were willing to argue with me about it for an HOUR just to get their $14 "” which is quite a bit more money to me than it is to them.

This supervisor also told me that the first agent I spoke to (on the 30th) should have been able to schedule a cancellation, but the billing issue was still my fault since I was "advised" correctly to call back "by the 16th" (not his actual instructions). I was told that the reason he couldn't schedule the cancellation was probably a system error (again, this is their fault, not mine).

The worst part is I kept being told, "I don't know what happened on that call, I only know what's written" – in other words, what their employees write into their little comment box is far more important than what a customer thinks and says. She also raised her voice at me and spoke to me in an accusatory tone many times throughout the conversation.

Vonage has HORRIBLE customer service and does NOT clarify billing rules or hold the perspective of giving the customer the benefit of the doubt in a "he said, she said" situation. Steer clear of this awful company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vonage Phone Service.

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I just cancecelled over the phone my vonage services after 2 yrs. of service.

I asked the vonage rep. to give me a cancellation # and the reply was i will get it by mail.

since than i tried to getr their address to return their components but in vain.

Based on those difficulties i will cancell the automatic payments on my credit card. we'll msee what happen.

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