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i briefly signed up with them for at least a month and half with there "free" promotion which was supposed to be for a month! I ended up getting charged for calling my fiance overseas to which they cut my service off after a few days and told me it was a half month whatever cycle so that my bill didnt sky rocket, this was supposed to be a free month I WAS CHARGED FOR MAKING A FEW CALLS AND THEN MY SERVICE WAS SHUT OFF BECAUSE I HAD TO PAY A BILL!


IF YOU ADVERTISE SOMETHING AS FREE EVERYTHING SHOULD BE FREE!!! now i still have to pay a bill that i shouldnt even have to pay, *** me off, dont use vonage....big scammers!!!

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mmmhmm they are scammers, i still refuse to pay them anything because i know for a fact they will still charge my account even when i already paid them, its just a gut feeling i have!


I've heard complaints about Vonage for years. Yesterday I rec'd an offer in the mail and frankly it was too good to be true and decided to read the complaints about that company and sure enough, I was right. I make a lot of calls overseas and use my little Tracfone which has served me faithfully for years.

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