I signed up with Vonage(same as Garbage)in June 2010. 39% in taxes and fees were added to the phony advertized price. The modem has to be reset at least twice a week to function properly.

My outgoing caller ID is incorrect and Vonage(same as Garbage)will not fix the problem.

Telemarketing calls have increased ten fold since signing up with Vonage(same as Garbage). They will not admit to selling phone numbers to telemarketers, but that is hard to believe.

I tried to cancel the service due to garbage service, but after many calls and hours on hold, their response, in so many words, was your're screwed and there is nothing you can do about it except pay us more to get out of the BAD deal.

Do not even think about doing business with this company. It is unfortunate that they can get away with this "Garbage"!

Product or Service Mentioned: Vonage Phone Service.

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Chicago, Illinois, United States #614535

Vonage is garbage.It will not work if you don't have internet service. They lie and tell you it's 9.99, a month then charge you 42.00 a month and try to take it out of your account.

The customer service is rude. They don't have a mailing address.

They don't have e-mail. You can only give them your credit card number and they keep it and steal money out your account for things you didn't ask for and amounts you didn't agree too...Stay away from them they will take evry thing out your account


Hello, I have been so mad at Vonage I made my own website, its called vonagereviews.net Can I use your review on my web site?

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