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I too have been ripped off by Vonage. I cancelled my service and had to pay for 2 lines of cancellations of $39.99, and also the equipment for $79.99.

I don't want it, but they won't take it back. One phone line was a $24.99 rate, the other a $14.99. But yet I pay the $39.99 for each one. Even though the service was less than perfect.

Did not work most the time, not compatiable with my internet service at all! When you cancel they harass you to remain a customer. The response team leaves messages for me to call them back, but can never get through. We have been playing phone tag for a week now.

I do work, and cannot be home the hours they are availiable, not sure why they cannot handle it via email!

At any rate, I am still trying to get a hold of the response person!

Product or Service Mentioned: Vonage Phone Service.

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Glad i looked into this before going on with it...vonage can suck my salty balls :(
Kiuruvesi, Eastern Finland, Finland #52719
First off... I am not a big fan of Vonage, However...everything you said was in the Terms of Service.

Do not complain about something if you do not read the terms of service. Secondly, if you did not refer to your billing to make sure all the charges were correct and then not even change it when you found out it was, shame on you. Third...The Service works as well as your Internet connection. You get a time to try the service to see if you like it, then, you get your money back.

Everything is in the TOS.

Maybe people should pay attention to the fine print, rather than signing up for things in the blind and blaming other's for their lack of education. :(

This is why they're about to go out of business.

I'm shocked that people complain when they try to purchase an inferior product. If Vonage was such a good product, then why to they need to discount vs a regular phone line?

Also, if you want privacy, then why would you want your phone conversations sent through the internet? It's scary enough giving credit card numbers over your cell phone, but using the internet for phone service?

Vonage, Time Warner Cable phone, etc are all digitized packet phone services. If you want cheap, don't complain about cheap quality.

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