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I signed up for Vonage and for various reasons did not connect or ever use the service. On July 27, 2010 I cancelled the service. This needed to be done via telephone.

I noticed in November 2010 that my credit card was still being billed by Vonage. I cancelled the credit card. Vonage sent an email stating that I now owed $30.47. The account was cancelled and I was still being billed.

I called Vonage Dec 10, 2010. First I talked to Ro. She asked me to verify my account. I gave her my phone number as requested, and she said that was the wrong number. She asked for the last four digits of my credit card. When I gave her that, she said it was wrong. Now this is the same credit card that they were billing for my service, I am holding a statement in my hand showing the charges. Ro said that she couldn't make any changes to my account until I verified the account. Ro was able to see it was noted on my account that I requested cancellation on July 27, 1010. I asked to talk to a supervisor.

After a long hold, Amy no. 52146 (or 12546 - she couldn't be sure) came to the phone and we basically went through the same as Ro. After much discussion Amy finally stated that I had the correct phone number (I've had the same land line number for many years) and that she could verify my account, and would cancel it.

I then asked about the charges since July. I would have to dispute those already made, but let's at least reverse the charge that I owe them. Amy would not agree to any of that. She's sorry, but doesn't have the authority to do that. After much discussion, I asked for someone who DOES have the authority.

After a very long wait, Mark #34029 came on the line. We went through the same exact conversation although he did acknowledge that I'd verified my account. But can you believe it - Amy #52146 had NOT cancelled the account!

Mark started going through the cancellation process. I asked for something in writing, or a cancellation number. He assured me several times that he would take care of it. i insisted, he kept trying to pass me back to Amy, etc. He said he had emailed a cancellation number but I had not received the email before he transferred me back to Amy. I had to insist before I got the cancelation email. I am certain that Mark was trying to deceive me into believing that Vonage had cancelled my account but instead continue charging, as they had done before.

I was given an address to write to Vonage to dispute my charges. I'll get back to you and let you know how that goes.

Monetary Loss: $120.

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I thought I would try vontage as my phone carrier..Later I changed my mind..Never used their equipment, I called right after I received it and tried to return it. I told them I did not want their services, but they continued billing me for it.

I've never used it it's still in the package but they're now collecter $182. from my credit card and refuse to credit it back.

I am so angry I'm already seeking legal advice. this is rediculous!!


I made the mistake of switching to Vonage,trying to save money.The little box they sent never worked right,turns off at night,and had me running all over the neighborhood to find a phone to call them.Either the phone worked or the internet,but not both.They were supposed to send me two electric phone jacks,and said they would take care of my problems.I never got the boxes,and have cancelled the service after less than a week,and many hours on the phone with numerous reps trying to get the service working properly!!After reading the billing issues posted here,I will be going to my bank to make sure they allow no more charges from Vonage.I paid for a month,and they should have paid me for the *** I have had to deal with.


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