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I had cavalier from 1988 and never had a problem, I retired and am disabled so I was searching for low cost phone service, vonage popped on the tv,I signed up paid my money and then it started,cavalier did not transfer me right away so I was paying two bills ,cavalier finally let me go on Tuesday, and today (Wednesday)I awoke no phone service,, no internet and when I got to a phone to call vonage,they charge $99.00 to come out and see why I am cut off from the world, but since I have been having problems they will only charge $20.00, , and know what ?? I have spent about $200.00 and have to use someone elses phone and computer to complain.. My brother in Fla changed to vonage the same time I did and when we talked and the phone cuts off ,only when he is talking to me,last night we were talking and the phone cut off ,he was on his cell phone and I was on my phone using vonage,,

Product or Service Mentioned: Vonage Phone Service.

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I Had the same problem with vonage they suck, Everybody needs to file a complaint to the fcc and get these crooks out of bussiness!!! They tryed to keep billing me so I CLOSED MY ACOUNT. To stop these crooks FILE A COMPLAINT WITH THE FCC


Thanks to all who have posted their bad experiences here. I was thinking of getting Vonage.

Their commercials are very impressive.

After reading these posts, I will not be using Vonage. I will use our local land line provider

Thanks again,



Vonage was my voice over IP provider for two separate lines. I contacted Vonage on September 16, 2010 to disconnect the service, as we no longer needed it and were relocating to another state.

When I phoned in, I did not have my pin number, so I was told to read the MAC Address off of the Vonage equipment to the customer service representative. Over the last 22 months my American Express credit card has been billed $78.81 per month. I have contacted Vonage approximately 5 to 7 times in the last 22 months regarding this issue. Each time I am told that the card will be reimbursed and that I will receive a confirmation e-mail regarding the disconnect status.

These e-mails never come. Yesterday, May 1, 2012, I initiated another disconnect and have yet to receive an e-mail confirming this. I informed Vonage that if I did not get a refund of the money that was stolen from my American Express account by them, that I would move forward in contacting your organization and many others until Vonage satisfies their debt to me. I was informed today, May 2, 2012, that Vonage would only reimburse me for the last 60 days.

This fact alone clearly shows Vonage's attempt to pacify a customer that they have wronged with a "low ball" figure. I have tried to be polite, courteous and professional when speaking with their customer service representatives in light of the fact that they have lied to us time and time again. I was told by Vonage that they have no record of any disconnect being initiated by us EVER. They also stated that the only record they have of me contacting them was in June of 2010 for "technical issues".

I confirmed with Vonage that all of their phone calls regarding customer accounts are recorded. I asked them time and time again to please pull up those records. Their response to me was that there are no records to pull up. I invited them to look at the account over the last 22 months to prove that there has been no activity and that the Vonage telephone modem has not been plugged in at any point in time over that 22 months.

Three separate representatives from Vonage (Lynn, Michael and Pauline) have confirmed that there was no account activity during that period of time. It should be noted that Vonage has also managed to access my American Express account even after changing the card numbers to avoid their "auto-Billing".


Take it from me Vonage is full of s@@&...I work there and I would NEVER advise anyone to get vonage. The company just wants you money who ever hear of your services starting w/o the equipment.

Vonage is a rip off. They do not do right by there customers nor employess. They tell the customers what they want to hear just to get a sale.

DO NOT GET some say its cheaper to keep her. Keep the service you already have you are better off.

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