I am not a Vonage customer and never will be because of the offensive TV advertisement now being aired. It shows a homeless, mentally ill man in a demeaning manner.

In trying to be humorous, the ad uses a serious illness as a joke. Mental illness is not funny; it is a tragedy for all involved, patient, family and caregivers. Vonage owes a public apology and the immediate removal of this ad. Having been a case worker for folks with a serious mental illness for over 20 years I have seen the heartbreak up close.

I have also seen courage and kindness in the face of adversity. Please stop this ad.

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Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #742422

As stated by the President of the PC Police. Perhaps you should contact the government and apply as PC Zsar.

So you can ensure that all aspects of our lives fall under your version of political correctness. Then our lives will be sooo much better....


this comment is not ***.i hit that option inadvertantly while trying to scroll up w/ my right thumb. i agree totally w/the comment about the vonage ad campaign.

what an ignorant & offensive concept.i dont understand why they have not been shamed into yanking the ads. Arizona. Ignorant.Flaunting it with impunity. Right Wing.

Probably. May they go out of business&end up living under a bridge.


I agree with vonage using the mentally ill. They are using a poster child for OWS as a spokesperson.

The only one responsible for the commercial is the *** that thought it was "crazy good". BOYCOTT VONAGE.

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