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Don't get sucked into using Vonage. I have had Vonage for about 2 years now and I'm disgusted. My calls rarely go through; I constantly get busy signals for the numbers I'm trying to call. Then if I call the same number on my cell phone, the call miraculously goes through. I even tried called the Vonage customer service number (very hard to find unless you Google it) and that call wouldn't go through.

I have tried to post a message on their web site to customer service but this is a very convoluted process and I was eventually kicked out of the message without it going through.

I'm switching to Comcast soon if I can keep the same phone number.

Buyer beware; don't fall for Vonage.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vonage Phone Service.

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:grin this is pretty funny to read! you been with vonage for 2 years with all those issues??

:grin you, like most are not using vonage correctly! People think vonage is like at&t or verizon and It is NOT! vonage is voip and from what you're complaining about I can almost bet my life you're using home wiring :roll meaning you have the vonage connected to a phone jack in your home :( nothing makes me angrier than people like you!!

educate yourslef on how VOIP works then you will understand why your service is not working! oh and comcast also has VOIP which will work the same LMAO :grin and finding the number for vonage is not hard if you have 1/3 of a brain :upset I wish you luck in life, because it sounds like you need it :p

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