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We were with VONAGE for well over a year, and had a horrible connection. I stopped handing out our number and commonly used my cell phone. Within the first year I tried to cancel and they wanted $85. They claim no contract but it's a lie. After a year and a half of paying for a service I never used I spoke to a CSR and explained to her that I had requested help and was told that in order to get quality sound I would have to disconnect my wireless modem.

My husband and I are both in online school, so wireless internet is a must. After She asked me if I wanted to reconsider and I specifically told her yes, I received an email thanking me for choosing to stay with their company. I emailed corporate and was told that I as the wife could not cancel because the account was in my husbands name. I explained to them that I opened the account in his name, I have handled it the entire time.

He has never once even spoken to the people.

They are refusing to cancel our account and my only chance is to close my bank account down. I shouldn't have to do this at all.

Vonage is a joke. Their service sucks and they do nothing but lie and give you grief once you want to cancel.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vonage Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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Put a stop payment thru your bank account


We had vonage for almost 2yrs and then moved. Upon moving we no longer needed their service and they refused to cancel our account without almost 140$.

I don't know how to stop this they are still taking out money every month and this has gone on over a year. they are stealing from us.

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