Vonage said that my fax line would be free with their premium package ($24.99).

They have been charging me $9.99 per month for five months and refuse to change it to a fax line or credit the amount they have cheated me. I changed to them in August 2010 from my local phone company to save money. My bills are much less but they still should charge my what they promised and advertise.

They are doing the same thing with two accounts (personal at my house and business at my office).

I have called and talked to the people in India with no help from anyone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vonage Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $99.

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I hate the sales dept!!!! :( They will lie through their teeth to make commission :sigh I am ashamed when I get a customer who was lied to! Vonage is not 100% at fault, most of the issue is due to outsourced call centers and language barriers and communication break down is at fault.When calling vonage I recommend asking the agent where they are located.

Vonage has NEVER offered or advertised free add on fax lines, you could use your premium lines to send/receive faxes

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