Lansing, Michigan
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Vonage has a way of charging almost 140 dollars when you discontinue service. They did not tell you this until you disconnect from their service and they will hit your credit card within minutes of you call to them to end service.

To me, this is an unfair practice and they need to be stopped.

Next time I switch from one service to another, I will get magic jack. It is no wonder that they are starting to go under.

They need to be investigated by the Feds. I wish that the Feds find out about them and take the action needed to change this situation.

Monetary Loss: $139.

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to: dave-elliott;

so did you move your service to magic jack and did it work out for you?




My phone bill keeps going up. I changed my plan to the basic and on a $17.99 phone bill there is over $9.00 in fees.

Talk about a rip off the freaking govt. is ipping us off.


vontage is a rip-off. all they want to do is get your credit card information so they can charge you.

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