Las Vegas, Nevada
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For years I have heard complaints about this mickey mouse company. On June 4, 2011, I rec'd in the mail a wonderful offer, so wonderful that I got suspicious and decided to check this Board, sure enough I was right. My advice to all of you is to report them to the BBB in your area, you can do it online; report them to the FCC; check with an attorney or Legal Aid in your city; keep all your receipts, e-mails, communications, bills, etc.; sue them in Small Claims, it's easy and I bet they will not show up.

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dont use vonage.I was customer for 6 yrs and they tried to charge me $10.00 to downgrade to cheaper plan.I will cancel the entire service and and do without landline phone and just use cell phone for all calls.Avoid vonage they are chiselers

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