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Please go to MSNBC click on MSNBC investigates to expose this thief Jeff Citron Vonage is a scam the FBI needs to step in the FCC and BBB does BS on consumer matters these days . Vonage can't keep getting away with this Vonage robbed my sister for $1300 .

Vonage refunded me for one line I had lines I was trying to discontinue services with them when they saw they couldn't charge me for cancellation or any other fee's their excuse to keep my money is to tell me I have service on 1 of the lines which is a bunch of bs the phone isn't working and they told me to mail back the adapter once they saw they couldn't charge me for that they just talk *** over the phone I couldn't speak to account manager dept and I waited ont he phone for 35-45 min.

To hear I'm still receiving services after iI called 15x to cut the services . Do you see the scam ?

Product or Service Mentioned: Vonage Phone Service.

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When or if you used a debit card to pay for your Vonage bill. Just ask your bank to reissue a new debit card.

This will stop Vonage from auto bill your checking or saving account.

My bank will do this for no charge and told me about this. Never give internet purchases your checking or saving account numbers, use the debit card!!

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