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For everyone who has posted a complaint here, I encourage you to cut & paste your comments into an online complaint form at:

(1) the Federal Communications Commission – they have jurisdiction over telecommunications providers and need to hear these complaints to take action:!input.action?form_page=2000B

(2) the New Jersey Attorney General's office – Vonage is incorporated in New Jersey and the state has already prosecuted them successfully:

(3) your own state's Attorney General's office (just google on " your state's name + attorney general") and fax, mail or email your complaint.

Monetary Loss: $82.

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I have been a Vonage customer since 2005, and have yet to have a problem...


It's the billing, disconnect fees, failure to port over the line & unwritten contract terms -- same as the 678 other complaints posted here and on

as well as the class action suits brought against them by the New Jersey Attorney General and others.


I've used vonage for about a year and had no problems. Not sure what problems you've been having as it doesn't specify here but if poor quality line, that would be your internet as vonage uses the internet to carry the signal. I had the problem trying to use magic jack but with vonage I have great line quality.

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