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Vonage, their service is as bad as complaints about magic jack. The phone constantly breaks up on both sides.

Even after spending eight hours on the phone with tech support. The service worked while they were testing it then quit by the time another phone call came through. They've used every excuse as to why the service doesn't work right. They said that it wasn't working right because they needed to enhance the voice on their end.

Then because I have a wireless network set up for my other computers and someone was stealing internet from it that was causing a drain on the service. Bottom line they told me in order to cancel I would be charged $120.00.

The service is lousy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vonage Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $320.

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I have had Vonage now for about a year and a half-- first I lived in New York City and moved 10 months ago to Fargo, N. D.

I just took the Vonage device with me to ND and plugged it in and it worked. I have never had any problems with Vonage service or billing. I have never had to call support so i have no comment about their support line.

I would recommend the service very highly. Absolutly no complaints about it.

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