We subscribed to Vonage only to find out that we did not have the right internet to support the Vonage system. We notified Vonage of this and we did not want their service.

Vonage is still taking an automatic draft out of our checking account. This is three months ago and they are still automatic drafting our account. Now i have to change my bank account to get them to drop the automatic draft.

They did not inform us that we could not be on the internet service that we are on to get service. We have never had service from day one.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vonage Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $240.

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This does happen at times :sigh please call vonage and ask for a supervisor in account management, they will refund your money and make sure that your account is closed. Sometimes they don't close the account so they can make more money (over seas agents) Just make sure you talk with a Supervisor! :x

Don't cancel your checking account,just your debit card.I did this to keep them from taking any more money from my account. Call your bank and cancel your debit card,and file a disputed charge with them.I'm turning them in to the FCC...suggest everyone else do the same.

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