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Vonage managed to frustrate me immensely even though I never used their service. I had cable and Internet through Comcast but I wasn’t a fan of their customer service.

Then my employer told me I could start working from home as long as I could obtain landline phone service. Initially I didn’t want to deal with Comcast because of the poor customer service I experienced, and when I saw that Vonage offered unlimited phone for $9.99 a month, it seemed like a good deal. Before making my final decision, I had three separate conversations with Vonage agents where I made it clear I needed one phone line to use for work. At no point in any of these conversations did the reps inform me that there’s actually a clause in the “unlimited” phone service which states that if they assume you’re using it for any kind of work-related calls (based on your calling habits), you will be forced to change to one of their business plans, the cheapest of which is over $40 a month (prices for the business plans were buried on the site.) On my fourth chat conversation with a rep, I finally coaxed the truth out of her, though at first she wouldn’t answer my questions directly and instead kept resending me links to their terms of service and links to the Vonage Business page.

(I’m like, “I read through all this and I need more clarification, that’s why I’m talking to you!)

So yes, while the unlimited plan is $10 a month under one year contract, if they think I’m using it too much they will upgrade me to the $40-plus a month plan for the same service. I’ll still be under a year contract and I will still be forced to pay an early termination fee if I cancel service…but they would send me an e-mail if this were to happen (how reassuring!) I can’t be the only person seeking phone service for a work-from-home job, as these jobs are becoming increasingly popular and many young people would not otherwise get landline phone service.

I felt Vonage was either being very deceitful or the reps were extremely incompetent, and if anyone is seeking a phone line for a work from home I would strongly urge you to seek other options. Comcast may have overall poor customer service but I was able to get unlimited phone service added to my plan for $10 a month, no contract and no strings attached as far as my calling patterns are concerned.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vonage Phone Service.

Reason of review: Misleading reps that almost conned me into a horrible deal.

I didn't like: Deceitfulness, Reps not answering my questions.

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