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Never will i tell somebody about this company. They charge my account for not return the merch with 7days. When the customer service agent never told me about the 7day period.

The customer service agent doesn't speak good English so you don't know what they are saying. the tell you to call back to speak to someone else so that they don't have to deal with the problem.

The reason i cancelled the first machine was defective they sent out another one it was the same way. Then when i called to cancel they ask me if i had someone i can transfer the service too.Why?

Monetary Loss: $24.

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i was signed up for a year and they tried to tell me i was signed up for 2 yrs..and i said (NOT) and closed my credit card first then canceled vonage account..over 1 year my vonage account kepted raisen prices at 2.00 at a time..and i told them their service sucked and was not worth it and will not come back..they are a rip off..and now they send me a email saying i still owe 39.95 for cancelin my account,,i told them to KISS my A**....

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