Pune, Maharashtra

Vonage customer care has the best of worst customer representatives i ever encountered. They are the most arrogant and stubborn people on earth, rather than trying to solve customer's problem they straight away say a big 'NO' when refund comes into the picture.

They just know how to trap people and loot us. We were a loyal customer from last 3 years and suddenly there was some visa issue and we had to leave the country on urgent basis. At that time we called the customer care and asked to discontinue the service, then they convinced us that they will keep our account on hold for next 6 month and we don't have to pay anything. As he was just continuously requesting us we agreed to it.

Somehow we missed to call them exactly after 6 months and our billing date is 19th, we called(7th month) them on 19th Dec itself and they denied to pay our money back. They charged us on the credit card for the service we didn't use of $24.99 + tax for past 2 months. As we are not using our credit card we never logged in the bank website to check the bill and there we were charged some $30 fine. They are so horrible and pathetic, when we requested them to credit back our money they told they can only transfer to the account and we have to use there service.

They cannot revert back to the credit card. They just know how to trap the customer and take money from them. I will never recommend anyone to use Vonage service..

There are better VOIP service providers. Please don't use their service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vonage Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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