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I switched to Vonage from AT&T because my rate with AT&T was too high, after having Vonage for almost 3 months my phone has worked correctly for 3 days. I was told by Vonage in order to have the problem fixed I would have to pay them $99.00 for a service guy to come out and fix the problem.

I would advise anyone to never get tied up with Vonage unless you want to spend your days pluging and unpluging thier modem to no avail and never get phone calls anymore if you want to talk I am!!

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I have reported them to FCC, BBB, and consumer protection agency , so far I havn't heard anything from anyone !!! I guess they take what they can get and beat feet !!


Report them to the BBB in your area, they need to be exposed. I've heard complaints about Vonage for years.

Yesterday I rec'd an offer in the mail that frankly it sounded too good to be true, so I decided to check with this board and sure enough I was correct. I had AT&T for decades, when they were a monopoly, so we had to take their abuse. I was a $500 monthly customer, I don't have a business, they were calls to friends around the world and AT&T's calling charges were outrageous then, and they are outrageous now.

Not once they sent me a discount, or anything as a customer appreciation or something. For years I've used my little Tracfone which has served me well.

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