I try to order vonage , 3 days later. I called vonage for cancellation for 3 month vonage been taken money out of my account from the bank and still charging me and then send it to collection agency.All those month i have been trying to talk to representive and they sometime hang up on me say they are gonna talk to there supervisor to fix the problem with my bill nothing have been done.They just like charging and charging every freakin month without my permission,so i canceled my credit card and told bank to block them from my account.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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This is exactly the reason why i never gave them my card number and still wont from there collection agency i refuse to pay them because i know if i do they'll just keep taking money out of my account long after i payed the bill which i cant afford right now


I couldn't help but notice you called to cancel your service after 3 days.That is all it took for me too,bad service is too nice for what I got.They took over a week to give my number back to Verizon,but..having read about them in this forum,I called my bank and cancelled my card also,just before they could take any more money from me!!!The $14.99/month is actually $22.60/month,and to say their service is poor is an understatement.Buyer beware...leave Vonage alone.stick with what works!!

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