I used vontage for less than a week and they charged me like ***. The guy told me unlimited international-false claim.

I got charged $85 for calling international, and they told me about the charges after a week. Just canceled and also canceled my debit card because they keep taking money out and its frustrating, their people dont know how to handle customers, basically go to your bank and tell them to not let Vonage take anything from you.

Not even that, dont even think about think about signing up with them, its all lies. Poor judgment on my part.

Monetary Loss: $121.

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Vonage said international call to Indonesia were free with the 25.99 plan to mobile and landlines. Until I recieved the bill.

They gave me credit back.

But the only reason I switched to vonage was because my cell phone plan didnt let me make call to mobile lines to Indonesia. Now im going to switch back to my mobile plan.


Vonage is a disreputable and dishonest company. A few years ago my wife took a call from them wanting us to switch to them.

She said no. They switched me anyway. I had my original phone company switch me back as soon as I found out and never paid what they claimed I owed them----because I did not request to be switched. Never heard anything about it again.

In any event, you can trust nothing Vonage tells you. Stay away from these people.

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